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Vinyl flooring is well-suited for every Murfreesboro home

Practical and attractive vinyl floors stand up to the activities of daily life with their resistance to spills, muddy paw prints, and much more. City Tile is a vinyl flooring retailer that has a 3,000 square foot showroom in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Our doors opened in 1957, and we encourage you to stop by.

Types of standard vinyl flooring

There are two types of standard vinyl flooring—sheet and tiles. One to three sheets, which are cut from a roll, can cover most rooms. The flooring can be 3D printed to look like natural stone, hardwood, and ceramic. A typical lifespan for standard is ten years. The third type of vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl, comes in planks and tiles that also mimic natural materials.

Sheet vinyl

Budget-friendly sheet vinyl is a perennial favorite for kitchens because of its easy to clean surface and resistance to water. With no or few seams, water and spills do not penetrate to the subfloor. Further, this man-made product does not foster mold. Sheets can have a thickness that is as small as 1/16-inch. It is one of the most affordable flooring materials.

Vinyl tiles

Like sheet, tile is a composite material. A thin PVC plastic core is fused to fiberglass or felt backing layer. A clear wear layer protects the image layer. Tiles are installed piece by piece after layout lines are drawn onto the subfloor. Two types of tiles are available - glue-down and peel-and-stick. The floor is easy to maintain since damaged tiles can be replaced.

Your vinyl flooring installation experts

Most luxury vinyl flooring is clicked and locked together to construct a floor that floats over the subfloor. In contrast, standard is usually glued to the subfloor. The entire sheet can be glued down or the sheet can be glued around the perimeter only. Loose lay vinyl, which relies on friction to stay in place, is installed without adhesive. This application is best for small rooms.

City Tile is more than a flooring store. We offer installation and design services too. Our professional design consultants can help you with design ideas for kitchens and baths as well as floor coverings. We serve Murfreesboro, TN && Middle, TN along with surrounding Tennessee communities. Get your vinyl flooring project started today by visiting our showroom in Murfreesboro or giving us a call for your next vinyl flooring project. Estimates are free.