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If you’re seeking perfection, you’ve arrived

If the perfect floor is beautiful, easy to clean, and exceptionally durable, luxury vinyl tile might just be the perfect floor. Every detail in this flooring option is crafted to perfection. LVT is created with 3­D printing technology offering stunningly realistic finishes in wood, stone, and slate designs. It’s also easy to install and change out, thanks to a simple click and lock system. It may also be glued down for a more permanent option. On top of that, the enhanced urethane coating makes it easy to clean and resistant to scratches and scuffs. This is truly the floor that all others are measured against.

Questions? We’ve got answers

Many customers are not familiar with luxury vinyl tile, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in choosing the perfect floor for your home. Don’t see your question below? No problem. Contact one of our sales reps below, or swing by City Tile to get some help from one of our expert staff members.


Question: Does LVT come in rolls like traditional vinyl?
Answer: No, luxury vinyl tiles are just that, tiles. They also come in planks. There are a variety of sizes, which gives homeowners many different customization options when redoing their floors.

Question: Does LVT require a lot of care?
Answer: No. LVT is one of the easiest floors to maintain. The urethane coating makes it easy to sweep and clean. And best of all, it doesn’t require polishing or waxing like many hardwood and tile floors.

Question: Is LVT durable?
Answer: Yes, LVT is a great alternative to traditional vinyl and ceramic tile because its hearty construction prevents scratches and tears. Plus, unlike traditional vinyl, if one tile gets damaged you don’t have to replace the whole floor. Simply buy a new tile and your floor is as good as new.

Question: Doesn’t it look like cheap vinyl?
Answer: While it’s made of vinyl, there is nothing cheap about the appearance of this floor. LVT comes in stunning collections of visual designs and finishes to complement any décor. Whether you are redoing a modern kitchen or a rugged man­cave, we guarantee we can help you find the perfect design.

Question: For what rooms is LVT the best flooring option?
Answer: LVT is typically used in residential kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other high traffic areas. Its coating makes it idea for rooms that may encounter liquid spills or food crumbs. Although popular in homes, LVT is also a great option for commercial use. Many stores and offices choose LVT for its durability and low maintenance.

Question: Why should I choose LVT over traditional tile or vinyl?
Answer: In addition to being more durable, and easier to repair in the unlikely case of a scratch or tear, LVT is incredibly easy to install. With traditional tile, once it’s there, it's there to stay unless you want a multi­-day project. LVT installs painlessly which means you can try out different options, and easily change to a different design until you find the perfect choice for your home.