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Your feet will love this

The love of carpet ebbs and flows like the tide, but its position as a flooring staple across generations is continual. While styles and colors have changed over the years, carpet has remained an excellent flooring choice for both fashion and function. Here are just a few of the ways that adding carpet to any room can improve your home’s comfort and style.

There are literally thousands of carpet styles and colors waiting to be selected for your home. More options mean you can personalize your floor to suit your taste in both style and comfort. Whether it’s the focal point of a room or a subtle polishing, carpet is an overall great choice for adding beauty and style to any home.

Warmth, noise control, durability, and comfort

Even in the South, winters get cold, and bare feet on hardwood or tile floor are no way to start your day. Carpet provides temperature control by holding warmth within a room. The soft texture also provides a comfortable surface for lounging during your next family game night.

Big-screen TVs, computers, and modern sound systems make our homes noisy places. Carpet helps absorb these sounds. For even greater protection, add a cushion pad beneath your carpet to reduce noise even further. Carpet also works as a sound barrier between floors by blocking sound transmission to rooms below. And carpet on stairs helps mask the sound of constant foot traffic.

Don’t sell your vacuum just yet. But carpet is perhaps the easiest to care for of all flooring options. With a minimal level of maintenance, high-quality carpet can withstand heavy traffic and normal wear for years.

No matter your taste or style, City Tile has the right carpet for you. Come by our showroom and let our friendly team help you select the perfect carpet for your home.
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