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Laminate flooring is a great tile and hardwood look-alike

Laminate flooring is an option for homeowners who like the look of hardwood or tile. Styles vary from retro to ultra-modern. This floor covering can be placed on any level of the home without the use of nails, glue, mortar, or grout. Since there is usually no attachment to the subfloor, floors can be installed on concrete or hard surface existing flooring. City Tile offers laminate in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We have been selling and installing flooring since 1957, and we offer design services too.

Laminate flooring composition

This is a multi-layer synthetic material that comes in standard and waterproof styles. A backing layer protects the plank or tile as well as the subfloor. It is topped by a fiberboard core. A transparent wear layer covers the image layer, which looks like ceramic or one of many wood species or natural stones. Because it is a thicker wood-based product, laminate is warm and comfortable underfoot. This stain and scratch-resistant flooring does not harbor dust or allergens. Routine cleaning is easy, and deep cleaning is never a chore.

Waterproof vs water-resistant laminate flooring

Standard laminate is water-resistant. As long as the liquid is cleaned up immediately, there is no damage to flooring. But standing water can penetrate the surface and saturate the fiberboard core. When this happens, the flooring must be replaced. Waterproof laminate needs similar care. As long as the water is cleaned up as soon as possible, there is no damage to flooring. Typically, water can remain on the floor for about a day without causing structural damage. The manufacturer always provides guidelines for efficient water clean up.

Flooring underlayment

Flexible foam underlayment is placed between the subfloor and floor to support and protect the planks or tiles. Also, underlayment facilitates the installation process and enhances flooring performance. It cushions the flooring from the impact of footsteps, and it reduces sound transmission. It helps to level out imperfections in the subfloor and makes the floor more comfortable to walk on. Some brands have pre-attached underlayment. A vapor barrier, used for damp proofing, is installed on cement subfloor.

City Tile is a laminate flooring retailer that combines abundant flooring options, top-notch installers, and creative design consultants to satisfy customers in Rutherford County. Our service area includes the communities of Murfreesboro, TN && Middle, TN. Estimates are always free. Visit our showroom to talk to our friendly flooring associates who can help you get your laminate flooring project started.