The Perfect Match: Matching New Wood Flooring to Existing

The Perfect Match: Matching New Wood Flooring to Existing

For a couple that seems so perfectly matched, it was the search for a perfect match that led them to City Tile. Donna and Steve Barker were replacing carpet with red oak flooring that needed to perfectly match the existing red oak flooring in the adjoining entryway/living area.

“Mainly because wood floors are easier to keep clean, I’ve always chosen wood flooring over carpet, so when we moved into our home in West Murfreesboro, converting the bedroom from carpet to wood was an easy choice,” said Donna. Steve adds, kidding, “And whatever makes her happy makes me happy.”

The Barkers had used City Tile twice before.

The challenge with this project, though, was matching the wood stain perfectly to the existing, contiguous wood floors. This, in fact, takes an expert which they found in City Tile. You see, the Barkers had known about City Tile for years. They had used them twice before – once on a similar flooring project – and were really happy with the results. Donna said, “They did the job on time, on budget, and had the expertise to precisely match our old wood flooring with the new flooring they installed,” said Donna. Steve, nodding his head, said, “I’m a graphic designer by trade and am very sensitive to color palates, as well as color matching.” Donna said, kidding, “Yeah, in everything but your socks.”

Matching is a three-part process.

Back to the project in their new home, there were actually three distinct and crucial phases. Miss any one of the three and you’ll miss the match. First, the wood itself must be matched as closely as possible which takes experience. Second, the flooring must be placed into the setting where it’ll be installed and it must “cure” for several days, allowing it to acclimate to the temperature, humidity, and other factors. Finally, the fun part, matching the color of the stain to the existing wood. Again, this takes expertise and experience, as well as good taste.

We made the Barkers happy…both of them.

So were the Barkers happy? At the end of the process, Steve said, “We relied on City Tile and they came through, as always.” “Yeah,” said Donna, “Just like they will upstairs when we replace the carpet in the bonus room.” Steve, surprised to hear about this, just smiled and said, “Yep, whatever makes her happy makes me happy.”