Showroom Notes: Three Fall 2016 Trends

Showroom Notes: Three Fall 2016 Trends

Recently Natalie from Tuftex Carpet by Shaw came into the City Tile showroom and shared with us a few of the new trends in carpets and flooring for fall and beyond.

Hard surfaces with Area Rugs

This trend is far from new, but is continuing to stay strong. Hard surfaces include real wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate, natural stone, and all kinds of tile options that look like everything from marble to cement.

One of the newer looks in wood flooring is to run the planks in a herringbone pattern. The herringbone pattern started with subway tile backsplashes, but has been picked up in wood floors. Perhaps because of the strong menswear styles that are showing up for women on fashion runways. Runway styles have a strong influence on interior design.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

With current technology, Shaw is able to make vinyl planks that look like real wood. Like the wood-look tiles that are everywhere, luxury vinyl planks provide elegant styling with easy care. One advantage is that they don’t break like porcelain tiles. You drop something heavy on a piece of tile and it’s a gonner. Not so with vinyl.

The other thing about luxury vinyl is that it is great for rooms with constant high moisture, like bathrooms and laundry rooms. If you have kids, consider putting this in your mudroom. Winter or Summer, the vinyl will continue to perform even if covered with the result of the winning slide into home on a rainy Fall day or chasing the dog through your newly planted Spring garden.

More Modern Rugs

Oriental rugs no longer have a lock on the market. With the interest in Mid-Century Modern and Up-Market furnishings, rug design is becoming simpler. Interior design is less about walls and rugs and more about statement furniture and art. Or a super-cool backsplash.

Top carpet choices are in simple geometrics, tans, beige, sculpted, and shag. Colors are neutrals: Grey, beige, blue and white.

No matter which trend or trends you apply in your home, make sure that lines are simple and clutter is minimal. Find the focal point, where you want your visitors eye to go when they walk into one of your rooms. Will your focal point be a bright-colored crushed velvet tuxedo couch or a plush linen comforter on your bed with lots of accent pillows? Once you know the colors you want to use in each room, then choose carpeting that enhances the styling of your room.