Make Your Home More Cozy With These Quick Tips

Make Your Home More Cozy With These Quick Tips

Who doesn’t love the warm, welcoming feeling of stepping into a cozy home? There’s an instant sense of belonging and the immediate desire to kick off the shoes and curl up on the couch—even when it’s not your house! 

But anyone who has been met with that experience also understands the lingering desire to bring that feeling of warmth into their own homes. The big question remains: how do you successfully make it happen? 

Fortunately, emulating that cozy vibe in your own home doesn’t have to take up too much of your time or energy. There are a few simple projects you can quickly knock out to instantly satisfy that homey feeling. 

Warm up a space with hardwood floors 

For a timeless look that can cozy-up any room, make hardwood floors your go-to. Whether you keep it traditional with a popular red oak stain, or take the modern, white-oak route, adding hardwood floors to a space will automatically bring a sense of warmth to your home. 

The best part? These flawless beauties are easy to maintain and make cleaning day a breeze. And as we all know, a clean home is definitely a cozy home.

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Show your creative colors with a gallery wall 

Filling your walls with colors and art that brings out your personality will always make your space feel more comfortable and inviting. Don’t be shy—go crazy with mixing textures and colors on your walls. You can bring it all together with neutral-toned furniture and area rugs. Just be sure to also add some colorful and patterned throw pillows into the mix. 

Gallery walls are great for any type of home, but are especially useful when living in a rented space where painting isn’t always an option. An art-filled wall not only fosters a cozy and welcoming environment, but also allows you to customize an otherwise generic space. 

Tile your fireplace for an even cozier focal point 

All puns aside, a fireplace is, quite literally, the “warmest” thing you could ask for in any room. But even with all the coziness a fireplace can bring to a space, adding tile is a relatively simple way to not only enhance those cozy feels, but to also transform your fireplace into a beautiful focal point. And when the warmest part of the room can also double a stunning focal point, you hardly have to put in any extra effort to maintain that desired cozy atmosphere. Just add a little tile to the mix and watch your guests get comfortable next to the fire while they simultaneously “ohh” and “ahh” over how it flawlessly brings the entire space together. 

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Bring nature indoors with flowers and plants 
Greenery and nature always gives off cozy vibes. Plus, the beautiful aroma that comes along with a shelf full of house plants beats any home fragrance spray. Bringing in the outdoors helps clean up and simplify a space—and instantly creates a more peaceful environment. Just be sure to find unique and mix-matched pots to add a little personal decor. 

And for all of our first-time plant parents who are worried about proper maintenance, there are plenty of house plants out there that were made for inexperienced gardeners. Just remember: it’s always better to under-water than to over-water! 

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Light candles and incense for warm and homey scents
It’s not just the eyes that we’re here to please—it’s also imperative that we satisfy the nose. Afterall, smell is a human’s strongest sense and is likely what you’ll remember most about a place or situation. 

Not only do candles give a space a more appealing look, their scents warmly greet guests right as they pass through the doorway. Especially in the chillier months, the right combination of candles in a space can really set the tone for a cozy and inviting home.  

Lighting multiple candles with scents that complement one another (or combining unscented candles with the scented ones) adds layers and details to your decor and further promotes that overall feeling of coziness. 

And while it’s most important to select scents that you find most appealing, there is a list of best selling candle scents that will help you decide which candles to buy for your next dinner party or get-together. 

Warming up a space doesn’t have to be a budget breaker or a totally time consuming activity. There are plenty of inexpensive tricks and trends you can start implementing today to immediately create a welcoming and cozy vibe in your home. With a little splash of color and lights, natural decor, and attention to detail, you can transform any generic room into a space you’ll never want to leave. 

And while there are many different ways to give your home that sense of coziness, the most important tip is to decorate your home for yourself and not for anyone else. Afterall, it’s you who will be spending the most time in your own place. When you create an atmosphere that feels cozy and comfortable to you and your taste, you can never go wrong.