Home Ideas from Area “Hot Spots”

Home Ideas from Area “Hot Spots”

Help with interior design inspiration can come from anywhere. As you are traveling around Middle Tennessee with friends and family this holiday season, pay more attention to your surroundings. Hotels, restaurants, and theaters can provide some unique examples of different types of flooring and how they can be used.

Classic Elegance

Looking to add a bit of elegant bling to your home? There is no place better to borrow ideas from than The Hermitage Hotel. This is the grand dame of classic Beaux Arts style from a century ago, but this type of design never gets old. Check out the lobby, bar, and the famous bathrooms to see how to bring traditional details into your home with a modern twist.

While greys and beiges are the colors of choice by many current remodelers and redecorators, the risk-takers are going for pops of color. The lobby at Embassy Suites Hotel Murfreesboro is a great example of color and contemporary design. Take your out-of-town guests to the hotel for a drink or dinner and check it out.

Dreaming of a wall of recycled wood, a farmhouse table, and a dash of industrial chic? Look no further than some of the newer Nashville restaurants. Shaw, the flooring manufacturer which we carry at City Tile, shows the interior of Denatos in Nashville on their website. Another restaurant with a different approach to the same vibe is Hard Rock Café.

TPAC has a floor in their lobby that truly makes a statement. It is a big circular swirl with quotes about art and theater. The performing arts center also uses a lot of stone and tile on their walls. Designers are showing more tile walls, too. A reclaimed wood wall can be expensive, so some homeowners are using wood-look tile. But why restrict a unique wall design to wood-look tile when there are so many other choices our there, from faux everything from stone to marble to cement.

Modern Transitional

Opryland Hotel, Thompson Hotel, and Etch restaurant offer an assortment of takes on modern transitional style. Transitional is a blend of traditional lines and mid-century sensibilities with a decidedly contemporary punch. Blending styles to create the right feel is an art. It takes a carful eye that knows how to find balance between old and new.

Remember that interior design inspiration can come from anywhere, so if you are thinking of remodeling, keep your eyes open to ideas from the places you visit during the holiday season. Then come see us at City Tile and we’ll help you make your ideas happen!