Holiday Hosting: Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas Gathering

Ah, the holidays. Festive gathering and joyous celebrations. But what about when you’re the host? Even when you love doing, the preparation can still be unnerving and overwhelming. Between all of the menu planning and cute holiday decor, there’s one aspect that oftentimes gets overlooked: your gorgeous flooring and its (very necessary) protection.


Stress-free holiday gathering means creating a welcoming atmosphere. But also, making sure you’re taking care of your flooring with all that hustle and bustle of Christmas foot traffic.


Check out these tips for smoother hosting.

Never underestimate a good rug

Consider placing some durable and easy-to-clean rugs in those high-traffic areas. Think entryways, hallways, and spaces near the kitchen (all the places that are prone to spills and dirt).


This is also the perfect opportunity to complement your holiday decor with a fun finishing touch.


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Always think ahead

Hardwood and laminate flooring folks — let’s get proactive. Place felt pads on the legs and chairs of furniture, especially in the dining areas.


And don’t forget to think about the furniture you don’t typically use, but that may come into play with some many people around.


In case of accidental spills, be prepared with a quick and efficient cleanup strategy. Keep absorbent cloths or paper towels on hand, and address spills promptly to prevent staining.


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Guest rule: no shoes, please

Encourage guests to remove shoes upon entering. You can even set up an organized, designated area for people to de-show. This will help avoid tracking in snow, mud, or any unwanted debris from the outside world.


Plus, this allows guests to immediately get comfy-cozy when they enter your home.



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And, as always, our Dream Team Of Design Consultants are here to attend to all your needs — from flooring selection to flooring maintenance, your local Murfreesboro flooring pros have you covered.