Five Rainy Day Floor Ideas that Sing

Five Rainy Day Floor Ideas that Sing

When you are looking for flooring for your entry hall, bathroom, laundry room, sunroom, or mudroom, it needs to be something that is waterproof and dirt resistant. That kills off the idea of doing every room of your home in super-trendy wood (unless it is specially sealed). Here are five design-centric, waterproof ideas that will put a song in your heart and make your moisture-sensitive rooms stylish.

Pick a Tile, Save a Tree: If you haven’t heard already, there are TONS of tile options out there that resemble real wood. If you examined faux-wood flooring a few years ago and thought it appeared fake, come into City Tile’s showroom in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and look again. This flooring even comes in planks. We carry wood flooring that when compared to tile will leave you guessing. So if you want to mimic real wood, but enjoy the water-resistance and durability of tile, we have tons of options for any budget. Artisan and Marazzi are only two of our vendors who make beautiful and realistic wood-look tile flooring.

Like a Real Stone
: Fear of a clash between your beautiful hardwood and faux wood tile may steer you clear of option number one, but nothing creates a better impression with wood than stone. One may choose to use a real tumbled stone tile, or a faux-stone porcelain tile. Either option will make your two-story entryway or luxurious bath seem positively old-world. Two possible options are Interceramic’s Imperial Quartz glazed ceramic floor tile or their Turkish Travertine tumbled stone. Both stone and porcelain tile are waterproof, but the tile will be an easier clean, as it is less porous and more dirt resistant.

Vinyl Needs R-E-S-P-E-C-T
: We have said this before in other blogs, today’s vinyl ain’t your grandma’s vinyl, nor is it your mama’s vinyl. Today’s vinyl flooring can mimic real wood or real stone. A wood vinyl floor and a wood laminate floor can often be hard to tell apart. But vinyl is waterproof! A vinyl stone-look floor has the appearance of a porcelain tile floor. Mannington’s Adura line offers both wood planks and stone tiles. And for those of you who just can’t get the image of shiny plastic flooring out of your mind when someone says vinyl, check out Floorte’s luxury engineered flooring.

Dancing on the Concrete
: While real concrete floors are moving out of the realm of the “wrong side of the tracks” and into the spotlight, we suggest stepping on board the trend with a concrete-look porcelain tile. With the same waterproof and durable qualities of concrete, tile is more affordable and it is not quite as “permanent.” In other words, if you choose to remodel, you won’t need a jackhammer to remove the old floor. Interceramic offers a porcelain tile called Cement that will do the job.

Hello Red Brick Road
: Yep, that good ole’, durable red brick that has been knocking about for thousands of years keeps coming back like a bad penny. Or in this case a good one. After all, brick was the flooring of choice in even the grandest kitchen when this country was founded. It is impervious to hot and cold, wet and dry, and it’s fireproof. Laying brick pavers is similar to laying porcelain tile. With the growing interest in sustainable living and borrowing from nature, brick is the ultimate choice to give any home rustic charm. Whether you are interested in minimalistic, bohemian, mid-century, or even traditional design, brick works nicely.

Our staff at City Tile would love to help you put these bright ideas for moisture-resistant flooring to work. Creation of a special mudroom, before the showers of April appear, will put a smile on your face and leave you singing in the rain!