Featured Samples: Warhol and Turnpike

Featured Samples: Warhol and Turnpike

This month we are featuring a carpet sample from Atelier by Stanton that looks like a piece of modern abstract art, thus the name “Warhol.” Our second feature is a shade of Rutledge Maple engineered wood flooring by Shaw. Both are perfect choices for the modern home.

Modern Art in a Carpet
Atelier by Stanton has created a piece of art in their Warhol carpet. It’s abstract splashes of muted colors make a statement.

Warhol is available in the featured winter taupe, as well as silver, bittersweet, and midnight.

This carpet can be used wall-to wall, or it can be made into an area rug with the use of the Barrett boarder. The boarder is available in all of the Warhol colors.

Made from durable nylon, it is easy clean, and anti-microbial.

Dark Rich Wood Flooring
Turnpike is a deep rich brown, engineered maple hardwood flooring from Shaw. Rutland Maple is also available in pointe for those wishing for a slightly lighter, but equally rich brown floor, as well as route and course. For homeowners looking for a faded gray, there is highway.

Rutland maple has a scraped finish, and a micro beveled edge. I can float, or be glued, stapled, or nailed.

For a vintage look, the flooring comes in two widths, three and a quarter, and five inches. Alternating widths provides a timeless look in any home. 

Timeless Styling for Contemporary Homes
Contemporary home styling varies from ultra modern to farmhouse to transitional to industrial. Warhol carpet looks wonderful with modern or transitional furnishings, while Turnpike Rutland Maple will add polish to more traditional looks, with its aged patina and scraped finish.

Be sure to check out these featured samples of carpet, wood and laminate. Also, leave us a comment below if you have any questions about our feature samples!
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