Featured Samples: Royal Dutch and Wimberly Obsidian

Featured Samples: Royal Dutch and Wimberly Obsidian

With the coming holiday season, interior designers are pulling out their crystal balls and looking into the future at what will trend in 2018. Two innovations on the horizon are use of the color black and Victoriana.

Moving away from the fifty shades of gray and stark white that have been dominating the scene in recent years, predictions for next year include the use of more heavy fabrications, especially velvet, and the use of vibrant jewel tones on walls and in carpets, which is very Victorian. Black is being shown on floors, backsplashes, cabinetry, appliances, and walls. 

Royal Dutch Collections
The Royal Dutch Collection by Stanton contains a portfolio of styles that will work well with the use of heavier Victorian influenced furniture and styling, as well as transitional looks.

Linus, Bazaar, Verona, George V, Lake Boden, Pieta, Churchill, and Lake Shirah are the styles in this collection. Each comes in both light creamy beiges, and rich dark colorings. All of these styles fall under the Royaltron label, which is made from polypropylene. These fibers are durable, stain resistant, color fast, non-toxic, anti-static, and anti-microbial.

During the Victorian period in history the English pierced the heart of darkness that was the African continent and brought back wild game trophies. Linus, a Cheetah pelt inspired print, will give any room a touch of the exotic.

Bazaar reminds one of the markets of Marrakesh. With globalism coming into the forefront, this pattern of carpet reflects the very popular Arabesque marble and porcelain tile which is finding its way to backsplashes and walk in showers.

A return to elegance and stateliness is another element brought into the forefront with this grouping of wall-to-wall and custom created area rugs. George V and Lake Shirah are reminiscent of rugs you would see in a throne room, one way to make your home feel like a castle.

The other styles are like pieces of art for the floor, Pieta is as ethereal and sculptural as the statue from which it derives its name.

Columbia Flooring’s Obsidian Oak

Obsidian Oak comes from Columbia’s Wimberly line of character floors. These engineered hardwood floors have a high density core that makes them a lot harder to dent than similar floorings.

Wimberly flooring, whether in obsidian or one of the other colors, preserves the fine graining of the wood, like a piece of antique furniture. This means that there is high shade variation, creating a contrasting random pattern that makes a definite statement. 

With black being one of the colors for 2018, this flooring is a way to bring an emerging design concept into your home with an emphais on lasting beauty. It can be stapled, glued, or float over old flooring. And it has Superior Shield, a built in stain and soil protection.

Elegant Styles Return
These carpeting and flooring designs bring back memories of times long gone, when the days passed more slowly and homes had a weight and stateliness like that of kings and queens. Modern designers are bringing warmth and coziness to the style, making rooms the perfect space to retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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