Featured Sample: Sonata Floral Delight

Featured Sample: Sonata Floral Delight

Start the New Year with new carpeting. Mohawk has a line called Vintage Visions that provides custom-sized area rugs in a “classic style redefined.” Sonata Floral Delight is one of the patterns from this collection.

Floral Delight is a blend of old and new in a modern floral vine pattern scattered across a solid field. It suggests a grand manor of time gone by, but it is perfect for modern interior design.

Choice of Colors
This design comes in nine colors, including Harmonious (tan), Reflection (light gray), Tea Time (mid-brown), Pewter (light brownish-gray), Haven (dark tan), Sonata (mid-gray), Day Dream (light tan), Ancestral (pale gray), and Cashmere (pale tan).

Perfect Sizing for Your Room
It is a three-step process. Once you have chosen the color you want, you will need to pick and size and then a binding.

When picking a size, think about the layout of your room and what furniture will be place with the area rug. In a living room, your couch and chairs should either be laced entirely on the rug, or it should be big enough for them to sit on the edges. In the bedroom, two-thirds of the bed should be under it, with a foot left at the bottom. When you step out of bed in the morning, your feet should touch the carpet.

American Made
Mohawk makes high quality carpeting right here in the United States. Their carpets combine innovation, durability, performance, and the latest in design utilizing the highest quality raw materials. Eco-friendly, Mohawk has saved more than 18 million pounds of rubber tires, one of the most hazardous items going into landfills.

Elegance, Style, and Earth-Friendly
When you choose a Sonata Floral Delight custom area rug, you are choosing a high quality product that allows you to express your personal style. It is also earth friendly and made here in the USA. 
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