Featured Sample: Quickstep Curate Black Slate

Featured Sample: Quickstep Curate Black Slate

The first cold of winter has arrived, but your mudroom or entry hall was just not prepared. It’s time to make the entry ways in your home more durable so a little rain or snow will wipe up easily and not cause any damage. At the same time, you want your entry to be beautiful. Enter Quickstep Curate Black Slate.

Slate is a rich and elegant material, great for entry areas. Because Quickstep Curate Black Slate is made of luxury vinyl, it has durability that real slate lacks. And at a fraction of the price! Real slate is beautiful, but it is expensive, brittle, requires expert installation, and underlayment can often need reinforcement as the material is very heavy.

With Curate Black Slate luxury vinyl, you not only have durability, but modern technology has created the ability to produce a product that not only looks like the real thing, but is waterproof, stain-resistant, soil-resistant, and stands up to micro-scratches, heat, and sunlight.

Quickstep flooring is safe for the environment, receiving a Floor Score seal of approval. Floor Score is an independent entity that tests flooring for environmental safety and earth friendliness. This flooring is also NALFA certified for strength, performance, durability, and quality.

If you have allergies, Curate Black Slate is perfect for your home, as dust mites and other irritants can’t survive on a well-maintained vinyl floor. To keep your floor in tip-top shape, Quickstep offers a maintenance kit with their special cleaner and micro-fiber cloths for removing dust. This cleaner has no wax or varnish, both of which attract the very dust you are trying to remove.

Another thing that makes Curate Black Slate perfect for your home is that it has a Pet Accident Warranty. They know you love your pets, but accidents can damage many types of flooring and they can hold in lingering smells. Not with Quickstep Enduratek. They clean up in a snap!

Not interested in Black Slate? Other styles available in the Curate Collection include Oxidized Metal Concrete, Cream Travertine, Grey Slate, and Light Grey Travertine. Ultra-Modern homes are a perfect place to use the Oxidized Metal Concrete flooring, while the slate and travertine option are much more classic. All of these options are perfect to up the game in your laundry room.

Quickstep luxury vinyl flooring is made up of five layers, which gives it a realistic rigidity, and their special foundation material provides both sound muting and added insulation to your home. This makes floors warmer in the winter, where true slate floors can be very cold in the winter.

Beauty, durability, and easy clean-up. What more can you ask in a floor?
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