Fall Apple Picking Signals Fall’s Arrival

Fall Apple Picking Signals Fall’s Arrival

Fall apple picking is a ritual in many places, signifying the coming of cooler weather and the holiday season to follow.

 Apple Picking Memories

Everyone has memories of apple picking adventures. Even Design Diva has memories of climbing up a ladder and gathering lush Golden Delicious and tart Granny Smith apples from the trees on the grounds of her high school. One year the branches were so heavy with fruit that classes were let out, and that day’s harvest was turned into fresh apple juice that was later served in the cafeteria.

The Scent of Apples Baking

If you don’t remember picking apples, then you must at least have memories of eating them in pies, tarts, and crumbles. My grandmother made the most killer apple pie, and to this day the smell of apples and cinnamon remind me of her love for me, and mine for her. Sitting around her large dining room table friends and family would gather for holiday activities, ending the day with her pie à la mode thanks to a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream from the local creamery.
Apple Nostalgia

Apples are nostalgic for all generations, because they inspire thoughts of happy times with their feel, their taste, and their smell as they slowly bake in the oven. For some the memories are of time on the farm, picking them and storing them in the barn before they head to market. For others, it might be climbing up the neighbor’s tree and racing a friend to the top.

Then there is the scent of Applewood smoke, as it adds flavor to curing bacon. Add Apple and bacon, what could be better? Right?

Other Kinds of Apple

Today, the thought of an apple may not be for the fruit, but the new Apple Watch, coming out for Christmas. You know Steve Job’s picked the word ‘apple’ because of all the happy Americana associations like pie, Mom, and baseball.

Here at City Tile in Murfreesboro, we think about apples, too. All kinds of apples. Including those once stored in old Tennessee barns that are now being reclaimed to be made into flooring by Tennessee Wood Flooring

Old Apple Barns Get New Life

This time apples are being tied to the gleam of a new floor made from salvaged barn wood found locally, and made into a product that is not only enduring, but also environmentally friendly. Perhaps you can’t lay back in the hay, eating a fresh apple from the neighbor’s tree, or in the barn any more, but you can dine at a table in your dining room that will sit on your brand new reclaimed wood floor as you pass dessert.

Create Your Own Apple Memories

And just to make sure you have that great cinnamon and apple smell inspire a million future memories from around your table this fall, here is a recipe to share as you enjoy your new wood floors.

Bon Appétit!