Contemporary Design on a Budget

Contemporary Design on a Budget

If you flip through interior design magazines all the time like we do here at City Tile, you are bound to crave updating your own home. The problem is, you are on a budget.

There are a couple of magazines that we like that show their readers how to create an upscale look without having an upscale bank account. Here are three current hot market trends that are possible for the price conscious.

We keep seeing wall–to-wall carpet taken out of homes and replaced with wood flooring. The most popular wood flooring is laminate because of easy of installation. There are all kinds of different laminates at all different price points. Our newest line of laminate, Quick Step, offers styles from high-end to very affordable.

One of Quick Step’s newest styles, called Envique, not only has the look of real pine-wood planks, but the texture, too. While their budget-conscious styling, QS 700, doesn’t have the texturing, all of their laminate has a tongue and groove locking system that is milled to fit more tightly than any competitor. They also have a sound barrier system on all of their flooring that is standard. And QS 700 is offered in beautiful colors like Stately Oak.

With the increase in wood floors being put into homes, there is an increase of interest in area rugs. One of the newest trends is geometric sculpted rugs. These rugs are available in a variety of colors, but earth tones, grey, grey-blue and grey-green are the hottest shades.

While natural stone is a hot item these days in the interior design world, homeowners from all different walks of life do not want to take on the care of a natural stone floor or bath. For that reason, we are seeing more and more people choose a faux-stone tile that is much easier to care for.

Lia, a new line that we have just started to carry, is offering a faux-stone tile called Maximus that comes in three sizes of plank, 12 x 24, 8×48 and 24 x 48. We also offer a version by Emser called Cabo Shore that is available in 13 x 13, 12 x 24, and 17 x 17 at half the price of the Maximus. Cabo Shore also offers a coordinating mosaic that can be used as a focal point in showers, baths, or a backsplash.

As you can see, you do not have to have a bottomless pocket-book to have a beautiful and contemporary-looking home that incorporates some of the most current trends. Just stop by our showroom and our staff can help you find the perfect flooring to fit your finances.