City Tile Showroom Home to Creative Design

City Tile Showroom Home to Creative Design

With all of the on-line resources out there in internet-land and the quick in and out of a big-box home remodeling store, visiting a small independent flooring store may seem like a time waster with your busy lifestyle. But what City Tile can offer that is not available on-line or in a big-box store is a showroom full of different product lines, knowledgeable and experienced staff, and service at basically the same price. 

If you are looking for wood-look tile plank flooring for your kitchen, in the big box store you have maybe two options. At City Tile there are dozens of options in a variety of colors, textures, and multiple degrees of realism.

Hundreds of carpet samples ache to be touched at City Tile. The people you love most are going to walk across it every day, don’t you want to be able to put a sample on the floor and see how it feels on your feet? Can’t do that on the Internet.

Besides having a plethora of choices, and the opportunity to be all touchy feely with flooring samples, City Tile’s designers know the latest trends. They work with builders constantly. They are always looking at Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. They read the most current industry magazines. They know when an old style trend is new again, and when one is just old and tired.

You are going to have to live with your interior design choices for an extensive amount of time, don’t you want to make sure they are just right?  One of City Tile’s design consultants can insure you have elements of your personal style that will also bring added value to your home.

These designers know their product. You tell them your budget, they are going to help you find the best options within that budget. You won’t have to go looking for a missing price tag on the end-cap, nor wait for the catalog page to update on your iPad.

Before making decisions on new flooring for your 2016 home makeover, stop by the City Tile showroom at 223 Spring Street in downtown Murfreesboro. You’ll be glad you did!