Bringing the Outside In: Halloween Style

Bringing the Outside In: Halloween Style

You can’t pick up an interior design magazine or read a blog that doesn’t talk about bringing a bit of the outside inside for the winter. At City Tile, on a one of our YouTube videos we shows ways that you can “match up your flooring with what’s outside your doors,” like green grass and green carpet, decking and deck-looking tiles, a stone pathway to your door with stone-look vinyl flooring. Here are a few more ideas to bring fall’s natural icons inside.

AUTUMN LEAVES. There is nothing that signals that Fall is here more than the changing of the leaves from green to a rainbow of reds, oranges, browns, and yellows. Design consultant Susan Headden suggests colorful Colori Pop 5 x 13 tiles from LIA to suggest the colors of falling leaves or natural fiber rug made of sisal or jute to imply the rough surface of soon to be barren trees.

FARMER’S MARKET. The last produce of fall is filling farmer’s markets with the last of what is fresh and green. To keep the memory of peppers and squash and lettuce during the winter, accent your bathroom or kitchen with Renewal glass mosaic tiles from American Olean, or Stephen Clark suggests adding green rubber flooring from Mannington to your exercise room to keep you active inside as temperatures plunge and outside activity fades.

EARLY SNOW. While most of us hope that snow comes late, school children always look with wonder upon an early snow. To keep that innocent wonder all year long, add a sprinkling of that crystalline dew in your kitchen or bath with 6 x 24 sparkly stacked quartz stone from BPI, or dust your floor with white by choosing Wimberly engineered bleached wood flooring from Columbia.

HAUNTED GRAVEYARD. Halloween and creepy graveyards go hand-in-hand, but instead of using marble or stone to add a touch of the graceful funerary statuary found there, choose Uptown Glass from Daltile or Classico Nero tiles from LIA. Both put you in mind of the beauty of tomb design, especially that found in New Orleans.

BLOOD MOON. No October can go by without vampires, zombies, and blood red moons. Give a hint of blood with Natural Cork in Lisbon, which looks a bit like blood under a microscope. Or give into the ghoul in you with a plush dried blood red carpet from Karastan.
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