Which Color Flooring Looks The Cleanest?

Which Color Flooring Looks The Cleanest?

So you’ve decided on a flooring style. Maybe it’s hardwood. Or maybe it’s laminate. It could be tile or even stone.

But now for the next big question: What color do I go with? Better yet, which color is going to consistently look the cleanest?

Well, folks, we’re back again with a little flooring advice to help you make those big decisions. And as always, our Dream Team of design consultants are here to attend to all your needs — from flooring selection to flooring maintenance, your local Murfreesboro flooring pros have you covered.

Classic Whites

Clean and pure — the two words that come to mind when we think of a classic, white color scheme.

White flooring, like titles or even hardwood, offer a sense of minimalistic beauty. Plus, it reflects light and can make any space look much larger.

The only downside? A little bit of extra maintenance. So while we wouldn’t recommend this to a house full of toddlers or large fur babies, it can be a touch of elegance in a calmer atmosphere.

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Contemporary Grays

Light gray flooring will always provide that trending clean and modern look. It also doesn’t hurt that a neutral flooring will allow you to play around with your interior design — and even switch it up based on the seasons.

A light gray flooring option can hide dirt and dust while simultaneously offering a stark contrast against darker furniture or decor, adding depth to your space.

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Soothing Blues

Looking for a unique spin but still want to maintain a fresh, clean ambiance? Pale blue flooring is a fun go-to option to achieve both.

Shades of blue, especially on the lighter side, will always offer that sense of relaxation and harmony. Not to mention, lighter blues pair beautifully with natural materials like wood or white furniture, adding that little touch of elegance to your space.

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Timeless Beiges

Light beige flooring can bring a timeless and elegant aesthetic that never goes out of style. This versatile color creates an open and welcoming atmosphere, making your space appear clean and inviting.

Beiges are extremely forgiving when it comes to concealing dirt and stains. Plus, a beige can blend with any design trend, allowing you to experiment or drastically change up your look.

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Warming Browns

Lighter colors may be top-of-mind when it comes to selecting a flooring that consistently looks clean. But certain dark flooring can also bring on that impression of cleanliness when chosen thoughtfully.

Chocolate or espresso-colored flooring adds sophistication and luxury to any space. Plus, these darker colored floors are great in high-traffic areas, hiding dirt, dust, and any minor imperfections.

Just be sure to pair it with light and airy decor to keep the space bright and open.

Source: Pinterest
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