6 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

6 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are plenty of factors that go into interior design. From identifying your personal style to tracking down all the details (furniture, rugs, paint, and art), the thought and emotion that goes into a single room can feel endless.

And when you’re not working directly with a professional designer, your brain and vision can, very easily, become clogged with an overflow of design tips and information.

So before you reach your boiling point in the home makeover process, let’s take a look at the common mistakes you should consider avoiding. Gain more insight into the interior design world while eliminating unnecessary mind clutter in the process? Now that’s a win-win!

Never sell yourself (or your rug) short

What’s the number-one tip when it comes to selecting the perfect area rug for your space?

Balance. (And lots of deep breaths in between.)

But really, y’all…you can spend hours pinpointing that perfect shade of periwinkle to complement your vibrant and velvet yellow sectional. You can scan the internet for holiday sales and reasonable prices. But the truth is this: without balance, that “perfect” rug just won’t do your
space justice.

What are we really getting at here? Size does matter.

The area rug you select should be big enough that all of your furniture can sit on it — or, at least, the front legs of the more solid pieces. But not so big that it overwhelms the space.

Re: Balance. And deep breaths.

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Eye contact is always in vogue

Gallery wall lovers, put your earmuffs on. This one’s for the one-picture-per-wall type of folks. 

When it comes to artwork, always remember these two words: eye level.

There’s a common homemaker tendency to really reach for the sky when it comes to hanging artwork. And while we’re in full support of lofty art, we want to keep the placement within the eye-level range.

Unless, of course, you stand a whopping 7-feet tall. Then you can probably bring it down a notch.

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Ma’am, step away from the throw pillows

Have you ever found yourself going a little nuts in the throw pillow section at Target? Don’t feel ashamed. We’ve all been there.

It’s hard not to love a good throw. What can we say? They’re cozy, colorful, and always spice up a space.

But there is a thing as too much. So while you’re tossing every cute pillow into your Target buggy, take a second to reflect. If the throw pillows act as a barrier between you and the couch, that’s when you know you’ve gone too far.

Narrow it down to the ones you love. And avoid any pass relax interference

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Ah (push it)

Push it! Right now! The furniture! Away from the walls!

Okay, we know ample space isn’t always available in every room. But we must try, with all our might, to move furniture away from the walls (especially in the living room).

This quick trick actually helps expand your space and make it look even larger. Plus, it allows for more intimate seating/conversational areas.

Source: The Spruce

On-budget, but not cheap

Who doesn’t love saving a buck or two? Heck, we’d even argue that the richest woman in the world is still bragging about the killer sale she found.

However, when it comes to making your home look nice, keep in mind that inexpensive and cheap can never coexist.

By all means, search around for those online coupons and holiday sales. But don’t skimp when it comes to quality. After all, the money you might save now won’t make a difference when you have to replace that furniture or art in five years’ time.

Stay within budget, but always be sure to make selections that will last.

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Free expression, not good impression

At the end of the day, your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you build your life and your family. It’s a safe place — the four walls that play host to your triumphs…and your hardships.

You can scour the internet for all the interior design tricks and trends to give your home that Instagram-worthy appeal. But always remember this: After a long day at the office or hauling kids from school to practice and everywhere in between, you have to love where you live.

Following trends and interior design best practices doesn’t require cookie-cutter decisions. Select the furniture, paints, and decorations that inspire your soul.

(Thank you for coming to our TedTalk.)

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