5 Tips to Create Perfect Farmhouse Style

5 Tips to Create Perfect Farmhouse Style

Throw out the shabby chic, current design is all about bringing some of the country into your home. It is about blending natural materials, upmarket antique pieces, fine crafts, and different fabric textures. It is also about the wood, and the colors white, grey, green, and blue. Here are five of the hottest Farmhouse trends for you to work into your home design.

1. Wood Floors
Today it is the floor that makes the room. Absolutely everyone seems to be tearing out their old carpet, be it shag or Berber, and they are having wood floor installed. Or flooring that looks like wood, be it laminate or tile or vinyl. Then add some wood beams overhead to add to the rustic feel. Photo credit: Atlanta Homes && ;Lifestyles

2. Re-purposed Antiques
What is important here is to stay away from kitchy or just plain weird. There are lots of people out there remaking old junk, just turn on the television and watch one of the shows like Flea Market Flip. Stores and websites offering these remade goodies can be found everywhere. Cans of milk paint are selling like hotcakes. Your goal is to pick classic pieces that add to your country style, like a couple of old windows made into flower boxes. Photo credit: Mohawk Homescapes


3. Hand-made Home Accessories
The maker movement is growing and hand-made home accessories are hot, hot, hot. If you don’t have a huge budget, pick a few items. Open shelving in the kitchen is part of the farmhouse look, so maybe you want to invest in dishes made by a local potter, or a couple of throws made by a local weaver. Photo credit: Lee Rennick


4. Mixed Textures
Since most Farmhouse-style houses are pretty much all white and wood, texture is very important. Fine white linen sheets or a pair of cream cotton sheets with tatted or lace edges are a great start for a bed, add a rustic hand made quilt, and maybe some embroidered pillows. Or, to be a bit different, put a faux-fur throw at the end of the bead. An heirloom family coverlet is another possibility.

5. White and …
White furniture and white walls against natural wood floors is the standard for those wanting the classic farmhouse look, but many designers are breaking out of the all white-cream-brown binge. Some are using the ever-growing-in-popularity gray, but the brave are using fern green and bright shades of blue with nary a drop of gingham. Photo credit: Theme Rooms Blogspot

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