What Are Your Grout Options?

What Are Your Grout Options?

Grout, that stuff that goes in between the tiles on your floor, in your shower, around your tub, and don’t forget the kitchen backsplash, is not just a throw away choice. Grout has become as much a part of the tile design as the tile itself.

Think About Grout Wisely
There are a number of things to consider when picking a grout color — besides finding one that doesn’t show the dirt over time.

First, what is your design style? Are you Traditional? Farmhouse? Mid-Century Modern? Transitional? Minimalist? Modern? Cutting edge?

Second, do you want a room that is relaxing, or energizing?

Third, where is it going to be used? Bathroom walls? Kitchen backsplash? Sunroom floor? Shower? Or somewhere else?

More Than White and Cream
If you haven’t looked at grout in some time, you probably don’t know that grout color choices have gone far beyond the traditional white and cream. Other popular colors are various shades of gray, black, and beige is coming back on the scene. But in the last few years a rainbow of tile colors have become available, so grout colors are expanding, too. And grout is available with sparkles.

Mix and Match Options
Designers still love all white bathrooms, which means white grout so that the walls appear to almost be one color. All black tiled bathrooms with black grout have been trending for those wanting something modern and sophisticated.

Using tiles that look like wood – both on floors and on walls – looks great when the grout matches the wood tone. It creates a very relaxed and luxurious room.

For those wanting to add a bit more zing to their homes, basic colored subway tile can be paired with bright grout, like white subway tile and orange grout. High contract between grout and tile creates a more energetic feeling to the wall or floor.

Putting the Pieces Together
Homes with a more traditional style call for more basic grout colors. Marble is still very popular in these homes, but not everyone has travertine marble budgets. Marble-look porcelain tile, or other classic stone-look tiles can be paired with matching grout to create an elegant bath or kitchen. Subway is always a good choice, but this year manufacturers are bringing back a lot of these old stone looks that were very popular about 15 to 20 years ago. As they say, all things old are new again.

Contemporary design began pulling in indigo tiles a couple of years ago, and last year an explosion of intense colors hit the stores. Like the statement paint colors of the 2018 presented by Pantone, and the various paint companies – like Ultra Violet, Caliente, Oceanside, and Deep Onyx – tile companies are going bold. These bold tiles can, like their less daring cousins, be paired with matching grout, or contrasting grout.

Minimalist can get that cool contemporary loft style with large format concrete-look porcelain tiles that can be paired with same colored grout to give a bathroom, or any room industrial chic.

Too Many Choices? Get Help
A good designer can help pare down the options. Want to use glass penny tiles in your shower, he or she can help find grout for that. How about the bright pink subways being shown by Gio? Are they for you? There is grout for that. Also for faux stone, faux wood, and faux cement.

The designers at City Tile in Murfreesboro are there to help you make the hard choices. Read our blog, “Insider Tips for Choosing Tile,” to help as you choose the tile color to go with your grout. And the blog, “What Our Design Assistants Can Do for You,” will explain how else we can be of service as you plan for your new kitchen, bath, laundry, or whatever other home renovation project you might have in mind.