Vinyl Trends for a Fresh Summer Look

Vinyl Trends for a Fresh Summer Look

Take your summer vacay as a staycation and use the time to give your home a new contemporary look by installing some of the latest in vinyl flooring.

Wait, VINYL?

Yes, vinyl. It really doesn’t deserve the bad rap. It is taking quite a turn.

Vinyl, like everything else in the world, is getting a technological update. No longer just available in sheeting, it comes in planks and tiles

Originally used for commercial applications, vinyl, especially luxury vinyl tile and planking, can now be used to create a totally modern statement floor. It is perfect for laundry rooms and mudrooms.

Wood, natural stone, metallic, marble, concrete, and slate are all patterns available in today’s vinyl flooring. It comes in colors from espresso to white wash, with patinas like hand scrapped, wire brushed, and distressed.

Today flooring is all about the patterns. With luxury vinyl planks, or a combination of planks and tiles, unique floor designs can be created in patterns like herringbone, diagonal, hexagon, starbursts, mosaics, and geometrics. There are also large planks, and mixed widths.

One of the coolest things is that rigid cove vinyl flooring can be used on old uneven floors. Great when remodeling an older home.

As with ceramic tiles, vinyl floors are now colorful. The newest flooring offers geometric patterns in bright colors, starbursts, cubist prints, and mosaic designs.

Many of these new styles of vinyl flooring come in rolls, but they are nothing like the vinyl of the 1970s and 1980s. These new vinyls are odes to mid-century modern, but with a totally current twist.

Floors are not the only place where vinyl can be used. With the trend to create wood accent walls, more people are staring to use vinyl planks as a more affordable option. They are being used for backsplashes, and on bathroom and kitchen walls. The newest colorful printed vinyl would be great on the wall in a child’s bathroom or bedroom.  One thing to be aware of, however, when using vinyl on walls, is the need to use additional adhesive and prepare the walls well.

Feel free to comment below on your past vinyl experience.

Give vinyl a second look. It is well worth it!