Tile for Urban Contemporary Style

Tile for Urban Contemporary Style

Using Floor Tiles on the Wall for Urban Contemporary Style

Opting to have an aged barn wood accent wall instead of paint started a movement toward using flooring on the wall, designers are now beginning to use other types of flooring on walls. Loft-style, Industrial-style, Urban-Style and the whole concept of bringing the outside in and taking the inside out has caused this rethink.

“While we are not seeing this trend (tile on atypical walls) in homes in Middle Tennessee currently,” said Andrew Young, owner of City Tile in Murfreesboro, “we are seeing the use of tile on walls in business applications. In one of the office buildings by the new Murfreesboro Medical Clinic we did an Industrial-style application of tiles using a stone and metallic blend on the floor and on the wall. “

The new processes being used by tile manufacturers are making the options for tile-texture inspirations almost infinite. Besides using wood-look tiles on the wall, designers are also using tiles that look like bamboo, linen, marble, tumbled stone, and even concrete. The reason is cost and flexibility. For example, a 6-foot by 10-foot reclaimed barn wood wall will cost about $750, while a wood-look plank tile wall will cost about $250. Decidedly there is a different feel to the end product, but tile does offer the opportunity for a “wood” accent wall to those who have smaller budgets.

Contemporary mud-rooms and laundry rooms are another place where tile can help to bring high-end design to more moderate homes. A previous blog mentioned the beautiful laundry room of Amanda Pays and Corbin Bernsen that was showcased on Remodelista, which boasts flagstone floors. By using a flagstone-look tile instead, the cost for the floor decreases by about 30%.

Another cool tile application is using cement-look tiles instead of concrete. In this case the reason would be flexibility. Cement is very hard once it sets, so when the trend for using cement is over, then the cement will have to be torn out with a sledge-hammer or an electric chipping gun (kind of like a light weight jack hammer). With concrete-look tile and a bit of creativity you can make a sunroom wall into a vertical garden, with out the back-ache when you decide to make changes in the future.

“One thing we are seeing some of in Middle Tennessee is having an entire home floored in plank tiles instead of wood,” added Young, “because busy people want something that is easy and quick to care for.”

Come to the City Tile showroom just off the city square in Murfreesboro, at 223 S. Spring Street if you want to add a touch of urban sophistication to your home. Their designers will help you find the perfect floor and/or wall tile for your project.