Should flooring be darker or lighter than furniture

Should flooring be darker or lighter than furniture?

It’s an age-old decision, choosing the right flooring and furniture combo. Afterall, finding the right harmony between the two can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of a room.

But more specifically, the most frequently asked question is this: Should my flooring be darker or lighter than the furniture?

Of course, personal preference does come into play, but there are some key guidelines to follow when making the choice.


Contrast adds visual interest and can help balance a space. Think about the furniture you already have or plan to use — if it’s predominantly light-color, a darker flooring option can create the contrast you’re looking for. Same goes for darker furniture with lighter flooring.
Contrasting furniture and floors in Middle TN
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Visual Flow

Visual flow is a fancy term for how our eyes move naturally through a space. If your goal is to establish a seamless flow from one area to the next, matching the tones of your furniture and flooring can help you accomplish that.

Visual flow helps maintain a more cohesive look which, in turn, makes a room look more connected.
Visual flow of floors and furniture in Middle TN
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Practicality and Maintenance

This is where lifestyle really comes into play. Because, while aesthetics is always top-of-mind, it’s crucial to also consider how that look will play into your day-to-day life.

We love light-colored flooring for its openness and airy nature. It gives a happy flow to a space and opens up any room. But a lighter flooring can also be more susceptible to dirt, scratches, and stains.

Your dark flooring options will aid in covering up life’s wear and tear. But keep in mind — if it’s contrast you’re after, lighter flooring will be your best bet with this flooring option.
Practicality and maintenance in Middle TN
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Personal Style and Preferences

Most importantly, your home should be the physical manifestation of you. This is your safe place. Your haven. Make a selection that feels right to you and your unique sense of style. When you follow your instincts, you can never go wrong.

As always, our Dream Team of design consultants are here to attend to all your needs — from flooring selection to flooring maintenance, your local Murfreesboro flooring pros have you covered.
Personal style and preferences in interior design in Middle TN
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