The average person spends about 183 hours a year in the bathroom (and for some of us it’s closer to 4oo hours a year). So why not make it one of the best looking things in your home?

We’ve helped turn many facilities into fabulous thrones fit for royalty. Here are a few of our most recent projects, and when you’re ready to build, or even upgrade, your lavish lavatory, give us a call.

This remodel is in our very own Susan Headden’s home. She was looking for updated colors and design, as well as an easy access shower. We tore out a jacuzzi tub and a window to make a large walk in shower with a low profile curb. She chose a 12×24 Crossville tile in Shades color Ash. It was installed with the Schluter linear drain large format tiles could be used in the shower floor.

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