Recent Projects: Clean Urban Remodel

Recent Projects: Clean Urban Remodel

We don’t always toot our own horn but we think it’s called for with this recent remodel project. Capturing that urban downtown feel with clean lines and shades of gray and white is all the rage now, and this project does it perfectly.

Time frame: 1 day for each

Urban downtown bathroom in 3×6 Baker Street glazed ceramic tile in warm gray with bright white grout.

Backsplash using 3×6 ice white ceramic tiles with midnight black grout in a herringbone pattern.

Fireplace using 4×8 Marion Pavers in Academy Gray with raven grout

Shower with 3×6 ice white tile with bright white grout on a brick lay and Oil Rubbed Bronze rondecs for trim.

Installer: Gus

Interested in giving your home a clean urban makeover? Give us a call, or stop by our showroom and talk with a designer!