Preparing Your Home For Hosting and Holidays

Preparing Your Home For Hosting and Holidays

Ready or not, the holiday season is officially underway. And for many of us, getting prepared for the holidays is far more complex than last-minute gift shopping or meal prepping. There are also guests and relatives to think about. And if we’re being totally honest, most of us probably haven’t had much time to prepare ourselves—or our homes—to play host to our guests. 

So, how can you get your house totally ready for hosting? We have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you earn your super host reputation this holiday season. 

Update your guest room floor for appeal and durability  

Your guest space is likely a high-traffic area, especially during the holiday season. From rolling suitcases to toddler messes, your guest room floors need to be ready to endure all of the holiday chaos. 

Updating your guest room flooring is a simple way to make a space feel more comfortable and homey for your overnight visitors. Laminate flooring is a perfect—and inexpensive—option for a space that needs to be both life-proof and inviting. Plus, this versatile and low maintenance flooring makes cleanup a breeze. 

Source: Armstrong Flooring

Maximize your guest space with decorative storage 

Everyone wants that fairytale guest room, where overnight visitors can retire away to a relaxing and comfortable space. But the truth is, most of our guest rooms are acting as extra storage space for our cluttered lives. 

So, while it may seem obvious, decluttering and getting rid of any unwanted junk is necessary when creating the ideal guest getaway. Give your guest room the Marie Kondo special and get rid of all the unnecessary items. And for the things you absolutely can’t part with, use decorate boxes or storage ottomans to stow it all away without sacrificing an appealing aesthetic. 

Source: Decolover

Bring it all together with the small details
When it comes to making sure your guests feel right at home, it’s the small details that really make the difference. Think of all the things your guests may need (from the Wifi code, all the way to an extra toothbrush), and make sure all of those extras are easily accessible. 

You can use a bar cart as a fun and decorative way to bring together all those small details under one umbrella. Set up the cart in your guest space and go crazy. Add books, snacks, wine, and all the travel-sized toiletries you can think of. It’s the perfect way to welcome your guests and make sure their stay is as comfortable as possible. 

Source: Pinterest

Preparing for the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year, especially if it’s your turn to host the family. But setting up a cozy and comfortable space where your guests will feel welcome can be a relatively simple task. Whether you go big with floor and furniture updates or get creative with the details, preparing your home for the holidays can be a simple and fun process—with results your guests will rave about.