Outdoor Living Spaces No Longer an Option

Outdoor Living Spaces No Longer an Option

Outdoor living spaces are no longer a nice add-on when building or buying a home, they are becoming a must-have. Realtors and contractors both say that homes with designated and designed outdoor kitchens and living rooms sell faster and sell for more than those without them.

It may be rainy and cold outside, but NOW is the time to start planning to increase the value of your home with a new outdoor living space. Some of the hottest materials can be found at City Tile in Murfreesboro.

Here are three tips from the Design Diva to help make your backyard space divine this Summer:

Get rid of that awful wood decking that has aged and is no longer appealing. Replace it with a patio of wood plank porcelain tile. It is durable, tough, long-lasting, skid-proof (if you pick the right surface), and you’ll never have to power-wash to get rid of that dingy gray color. Wood plank tile also allows for creativity – lay the tile in a pattern like a herringbone, or interject a water feature in the middle of the deck.

Add an outdoor kitchen and make sure that it has a killer backsplash. There are two hot tiles being used for outdoor kitchen backsplashes – black and white geometric patterns in porcelain tiles OR stacked natural stone. The black and white patterns can make the whole area pop, while the stacked stone creates a very natural feel.

Bedazzle your pool with glass mosaic, they give everything a little sparkle. There are many different glass mosaic tile patterns to choose from. Some are mixed with metal, some are mixed with stone, and some are mixed with colored porcelain tiles. The colors are as expansive as a rainbow, so the more conservative can stick with a more traditional blue or green pattern, while the adventurous might opt for red or yellow.

I hope these three tips help you get started with your outdoor room planning! Stop by the showroom at City Tile today to see the changes we have made, and ask one of your designers to help you get the ball rolling…