Our New Online Gallery Goes Wherever You Do

Our New Online Gallery Goes Wherever You Do

We’re sitting over here at City Tile, basking in the flooring glory and feeling absolutely thrilled about finally going live with our new and improved website. And if you’re reading this now, good news: You’re already navigating through greatness!

So, what’s with the big change?

We wanted to create a more seamless experience for all City Tile customers to enjoy. Our new site is totally designed with the user in mind. Now it’s easier than ever to get information and engage with our products. Plus, with a couple of nifty tools, including our online gallery and flooring visualizer (coming soon), you can unlock the City Tile experience wherever you have access to a tablet, computer, or smartphone. It’s something we like to call, “City Tile: Anytime, anywhere.”

So what does that mean for you?

Online Gallery

Since we all love some online shopping, we figured you should be able to do it at City Tile, too. With our online gallery, you can view each and every product City Tile has to offer, including those not featured in our in-person showroom.

As a flooring company, we ​live ​for samples. But in reality, if we kept every flooring sample we have access to, we’d have to open about ten more City Tile brick and motors just to store it all. Our online gallery allows you to browse through endless flooring options to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

As always, we are fully prepared and happy to order samples should you decide on a product that we don’t carry in our showroom. And just because we have a sparkling new gallery, does not mean you have to go at this alone. Our design consultants are still fully committed to helping you decide on the perfect flooring to fit your needs.

To view the gallery, head to the navigation bar at the top of our site and select “Products.”

Online Gallery

Flooring Visualizer

Using ​augmented reality​, our flooring visualizer lets you select products to view inside of your home. Talk about finding the perfect fit!

We wanted to give you a chance to experience our products in your own space to assist in narrowing down your selections. That means less time spent on making the right choice during your in-person consultation, and more time enjoying your flooring.

We expect this feature to be fully accessible in the near future. However, with or without the flooring visualizer, you’re always welcome to bring home real-life samples by visiting our showroom.

After the flooring visualizer is entirely up-and-running, we’ll release a full how-to, walking you through the use of this feature.

So what are you waiting for? Enough of this blog, go check out that catalog!