Oops Floor Cleaning Remedies

Oops Floor Cleaning Remedies

Dear Doug, I just got a floor cleaning remedy off the Internet and all it did was cause more problems. Can I not trust any of the DIY floor cleaning tips?

There are lots of great tips out there in Web-land, after all, we are putting tips and other information on the internet. But you do need to consider the source. Like anything found on digital media, just because it is there doesn’t mean it is the truth.

Our customers have shared a number of amusing and not so amusing stories about their experience with these electronic helpful hints. Here are a few of their stories.

First, there is the case of Ann. She has a kitty, Miss Lizzy, who is the love of her life, but some changes in their lifestyle have upset Lizzy and she has taken to peeing on the carpet next to Ann’s bed. Not enjoying waking up to eau de cat in the morning, Ann tried all kinds of cleaners, but Miss Lizzy has kept accidently, on purpose missing the litter pan by a mile. So Ann took to the Internet. On a natural cleaning website she saw that vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide would get out the odor and keep it out. She followed the steps as stated in the article, but as she told me, “all I got was a volcano coming out of my rug and the smell of wet wool.” She’s opting to replace her carpet with wood floors and investing in some kitty psychology training.

Next there is Susan. She read in an article about how great Murphy’s Oil Soap is as a cleaner and used it on her hardwood floor. It is a great cleaner, but not on hardwood floors. It builds up a film. Susan called us about the problem, and we ended up having to refinish her floors.

Then there are the products you can find in your major retailers, like Bona Refresher. Bona makes great products, we carry the line, but a number of clients have called us about their floors peeling up. This is the clear coat left by the off the shelf refresher. Because it has nothing to attach to, it eventually peels. You can keep applying it. Or stop using it and call in the pros. We suggest the latter.

Due to the current eco–friendly focus on cleansers, all kinds of sites are extoling the virtues of bleach and vinegar because they are more “natural.” Beware! These items cause more problems than they help. While they are more natural, like herbs they are still chemicals. And chemicals cause reactions. When in doubt, call the experts. We’re here at City Tile in Murfreesboro ready to help!