Robyn Faulk the City Tile & Floor Covering Co Flooring Specialist in Murfreesboro, TN

Meet Robyn Faulk — Our hometown flooring specialist

You know what they say: “Good things come to those who shop local.” 

But what about shopping local — with a local? That’s the experience you’ll receive when you work with Murfreesboro native Robyn Faulk as your flooring consultant. 

When it comes to providing that small-town, big-grin customer service experience, Robyn is a pro. Actually, working in her hometown is something she cherishes most about her role here.

“Overall, I love working with people, especially from my hometown. The local, small environment is a huge plus for me when it comes to working with City Tile clients.”

Experience is great. But confidence is key.

It’s not just Robyn’s nineteen years of experience as a Design Consultant and Sales Rep with City Tile that gives her credibility — it’s also her background in interior design that ups her credentials.

Robyn often finds that many of her clients look to her to help visualize the final product before making any big decisions. That’s where interior design comes in. Understanding textures and color palettes, and having the eye to imagine how everything will come together is key. Using these skills, Robyn can instill a sense of confidence in her clients, which helps them move forward without any fears or hesitations.

“Clients love working with someone who is confident in the process. They want to feel encouraged that the products they’re selecting will look great in their home.”

She knows how to keep it #Trendy.

With a passion for interior design, Robyn is always staying up to date on the latest trends. When she’s not working with clients in the showroom, you can probably find her at Barnes & Noble, flipping through interior design magazines to lock down all the inspiration.

And if you want a little insider information on what’s trending in the flooring industry today, Robyn will tell you that the large-format tiles are all the rage.

Results — and happy clients — to back it all up

We’re not just “all talk” over here. Robyn’s picturesque results always speak for themselves — and so do those big, ole smiles on her clients’ faces.

Robyn recently worked on a kitchen renovation project for one of her clients. And the outcome is stunning.
Installation in Murfreesboro, TN from City Tile & Floor Covering Co
Backsplash in Murfreesboro, TN from City Tile & Floor Covering Co
Tile backsplash in Murfreesboro, TN from City Tile & Floor Covering Co

Life’s all about balance — and Robyn has it figured out.

Outside of work, Robyn loves to curl up with a good mystery novel, or test her problem-solving skills with a jigsaw puzzle. She also enjoys hanging out with her two kids, ages 21 and 23, who live in town.

And it’s not just flooring where she has good taste, Robyn also loves shopping and fashion. She even says that if she could go anywhere in the world, it would definitely be to Paris, strictly for the haute environment