Meet Ashten Green — Our Resident Renaissance Woman

Meet Ashten — Our Resident Renaissance Woman

Can we get a “heck yeah” for all those business assistants out there who keep the whole thing running? The ones who make up the backbone of it all?

The strategists, the organizers, the do-it-all-ers, and the all-reliables.

Or, in City Tile speak, the Ashten Greens.

You can call her a Sales Assistant, but there’s no one title that does Ashten Green justice.

Because as a seven-year City Tile veteran who acts as owner Andrew Young’s right hand (wo)man, Ashten is constantly expanding her job description.

From estimating jobs to working hand-in-hand with designers, builders, and installers, Ashten’s role can best be described as captain of the ship.

And when it comes to relationship building, it’s definitely safe to call her a pro.

“Building that trust and respect with designers and installers is super important. It’s felt and I can see that. If I tell them I’m going to do something, they can trust that I’ll do it.”

But when she’s not keeping the business afloat, Ashten is out living one heck of an interesting and interactive life.

So pour yourself a glass of (whatever), take a seat, and get to know our very own Ashten Green.

Clutter-free since ‘93.

Much like her professional life, Ashten keeps her personal style organized and free of clutter. She champions the minimalistic look and leans heavily toward a more modern interior design taste.

Walking into Ashten’s home is like taking in that first breath of fresh, spring air. It’s just…crisp. Utilizing neutral tones, Ashten can keep her space — and her mind — free of chaos.

We just have to know, Ashten — have you watched an episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

Modern interior design with a minimalistic look

Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy a plane ticket.

Her scholastic and professional background may be in the Business Administration space, but her one true love is history — especially when it lends itself to traveling the world.

In fact, Ashten recently spent 4 weeks in Israel, where the green, lush sights and miles of overwhelming beauty called her heart home. Not to mention the centuries of history that are packed into the land and culture.

As a lifelong bucket list item, Ashten dreams of returning to this place her heart calls home to live and study.

Until then, she still has a few more destinations to check off the list, including her top two priorities: Greece and Italy.

Ashten Green's travel photography

When the going gets tough, the tough get stronger.

Between history lessons, collecting passport stamps, and taking care of business at City Tile, Ashten makes room for yet another life passion: Claiming her status as the ultimate “gym rat.”

You can find her with the early-morning group, weight training and hitting personal records. In 2021, Ashten set her mind to perfecting the bench press — and she did just that, documenting a personal record of 180 pounds.

(Mental note: Don’t challenge Ashten to an arm wrestling competition.)

But it’s not just physical gains that she sees in the gym. Ashten also says that working out has been great for her mental health, too. Well, that. And her totally organized and minimalistic home!