Low-Cost Updates to Increase Your Home's Value

Low-Cost Updates to Increase Your Home's Value

Whether your style leans more modern and clean or more vintage and shabby-chic, we’re all looking to add some luxe to our homes. But when you’re working on a budget, luxury doesn’t always feel like a possibility.

Fortunately, there are few design tricks out there to give your space the illusion of luxury—and add a whole heap of value to your home.

1. Use tile that imitates hardwood flooring

By now, we’ve all caught onto the hardwood trend. But how do we keep up when that trend starts moving into high-moisture spaces, like bathrooms? It may look beautiful, but it’s not the most ideal material for every room in the house.

Fortunately, there’s still a way to get that high-end, hardwood look to add a luxe mood to any master or guest bath. Using wood-look tile flooring is a go-to option in these spaces. Plus, it not only saves you from some serious hardwood maintenance, it’s also easy on the budget—and definitely not so bad on the eyes.

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2. Update the backsplash

A tile backsplash is an easy and affordable project that will add some luxe and unique flair to your kitchen. Whether you’re going from nothing at all or updating an existing backsplash, a pop of something fresh is sure to leave a lasting impression.

And if you want to get really crazy, try updating the paint on your kitchen cabinets and walls. You’d be surprised just how much you can elevate your kitchen with tile, paint, and a hint of elbow grease.

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3.  Add some molding

Updating plain or boring walls with molding will give your space a more luxurious feel without breaking the bank. Using crown molding or a picture-frame style molding adds depth to a space and gives an updated and expensive look.

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4. Let your tile raise the roof

It’s easy to explain why we all love the look of a clean and glossy tiled backsplash. But how can we kick it up a notch? Well, it’s simple—we, literally, kick it up.

Instead of stopping with just the backsplash, run your tile all the way up to the ceiling. Not only will this give your bathroom or kitchen a more sophisticated look, it will also add the illusion of height to your ceilings—a feature that every luxury home has to offer.

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