How to Use the Colors of the Year in Your Home

How to Use the Colors of the Year in Your Home

How many of you have seen articles about the 2019 Colors of the Year and rolled your eyes? Maybe a little steam is even coming out of your ears because you just finished remodeling your home, and now you are being told that your color choices are out of date. Or maybe the kitchen you painted white, like the ones you’ve seen online on the interior design websites, is suddenly passé. Or maybe you like light colors, and suddenly it’s all about dark and murky shades.

Fear not! Even though the major paint companies and Pantone, the leading color-matching company in the print industry, pick a Colors of the Year, it doesn’t mean you have to remodel your whole house to be in style.

Top designers say that trends are just options or ideas. What is most important is to make your home into your own personal sanctuary that reflects who you are.

But you may say, “I want to be in style!”

Here are a few ways to pull the ever-changing Colors of the Year into your home to remain a Design Diva!

Being in style doesn’t mean that you have to repaint your house or tear out the new rug. Pull in colors with pillows and area rugs or use the colors for an accent wall (no, they are not dead) or, if it’s time, use these colors to paint over old wood cabinets in the kitchen.

Here are the 2019 Colors of the Year, and ideas on how to use them.

BEHR’s Blueprint is reminiscent of old mimeograph copies. Part blue and part gray, it goes perfectly with the grays that are becoming a basic. Rich and luxurious, a linen duvet cover in this color will make any bedroom chill. It is Design Diva’s favorite color this year.

BEHR’s Blueprint

Designers are moving away from lighter shades to rich, dark hues like Nightwatch from PPG, Farrow and Ball’s BANCHA, and Graham and Brown’s Tiru. These colors are great for rich draperies. Nightwatch and Bancha are dark black-green. Tiru is a blackish peacock.

PPG’s Nightwatch

Farrow and Ball’s Bancha

Graham & Brown’s Tiru

For those looking for earth tones, choose Dutch Boy’s Garden Patch, Ace Hardware/Clark and Kensington’s Pineapple Cream Granita, Sherwin-Williams’ Cavern Clay, or Pantone’s Living Coral. Granita is a soft yellow, Cavern Clay is like brick, and loving coral is just that, the color of red coral. Use these colors to give a perfect bit of the outdoors to your home décor.

Dutch Boy’s Garden Patch

Ace Hardware/Clark and Kensington’s Pineapple Cream Granita

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay

Pantone’s Living Coral

Part rocky shore on a foggy day, and part skyscraper reaching to the heavens, Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan is a smoky, greenish light gray that provides a neutral background good for anyone’s style, be it classic traditional elegant or ultra-modern minimalist. Perfect for an accent wall with a lighter gray on the rest of the walls.

Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan