How to Be Happier & Do More Laundry

How to Be Happier & Do More Laundry

It’s no secret that a nice environment can motivate us to get work done. If your laundry has been piling up while motivation is nowhere to be found, a laundry room makeover might be just what you need. Even the most simple upgrades can make the space feel completely new. Whether you’re up for a complete remodel or want to do things yourself, we’ve got the ultimate resource here. 

For the Serious Remodeler
If you want to change the look of the entire room, the walls and floors are a good place to start. We recommend vinyl and tile for laundry room floors. Vinyl is durable and easy to clean. Its moisture-resistant nature makes this flooring the perfect choice for a wet and humid area such as the laundry room. For more vinyl inspiration, read the blog “Vinyl Trends for a Fresh Summer Look” or visit our showroom to view samples. 

Much like vinyl, tile is also known for durability and moisture-resistance. This versatile flooring is available in endless color and pattern variations. For smaller rooms, we recommend patterns with a simple motif, such as Interceramic Cementine tile. For those who want to make a statement, we love the use of large tiles in hexagon or checkerboard patterns.

If you already have floors that you love, try adding tiles to the wall. Creating an accent wall behind the washer and dryer can pull the entire room together. Whether you choose to get creative with a bright pattern or keep it simple with white subway tile, this is a great design choice.  

For the DIY-er
If you want to upgrade your laundry room without installing new floors or walls, there are endless DIY options available that will have an equal impact. Creating a built-in wood appliance countertop
is a DIY project that is both practical and pretty. If you’ve recently installed new wood flooring, this is also a great way to reuse any extra hardwoods you may have. 

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Giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint is another easy way to change the look of your laundry room. To brighten a dark or small room, try all-white cabinets and appliances. For a statement, try painting your cabinets a trendy color like blue or green. 

No matter how you choose to upgrade, the design of your new laundry room should serve its purpose for utility while looking beautiful. Want to make sure your walls, floors, and cabinets work together seamlessly? Give us a call at (615) 893-7721 to talk to our design experts. We’ll help you choose the best colors and materials that fit both your style and needs.