Flooring Trends for 2019

Flooring Trends for 2019

Want to know what is hot in flooring today? We have collected some of the hottest ideas from around the country, and recently, Andrew Young, owner of City Tile, shared with us the latest trends in flooring here in Rutherford County.

Top 5 Trends Nationally

1. Materials that are waterproof and eco-friendly. With new technologies, manufacturers have been able to create waterproof carpet, waterproof vinyl, and waterproof laminate. Eco-friendly options include cork, bamboo, wool, and linoleum.

2. High Variation in Wood Flooring. Today’s designers are all about color and texture. One of the hottest things is wood flooring with high variation in colors, such as alternating strips in darks and lights.

3. Textured Wood Flooring. Wood flooring is being updated, with new textures created by hand scraping, brushing, and distressing.

4. Using Materials in Patterns. Another way that long popular materials are being reimagined is by putting them into new patterns – like mixing wide and thin wood planks, running floors diagonally, or alternating tile sizes.

5. Mosaics. From small to large tile pieces, mosaics can provide color, texture and design. Mosaics also come in different materials such as glass, marble, and natural stone.

Top 5 More Trends Locally

1. Geometrics. Arabesque and hexagon tiles are still popular. These come in white and gray, but also in blue and green glazes. Geometric marble tiles are another option, as are different sized tiles.

2. Wider Planks for Wood Flooring. Wood, laminate, and luxury vinyl planks are all coming in increasingly wider sizes. Customers are looking at five and six-and-a-half-inch wide options.

3. Patterns. Carpeting is seeing lots of patterns and geometrics, however, oriental rugs are out. Today’s shoppers are looking for something much more contemporary.

4. Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Today’s shoppers are looking for easy care and durability that will live up to pets, children, and wet rainy days. The newest luxury vinyl tile is waterproof. It is also available in several designs, including faux wood planks that offer beauty and style, that will live up to an active lifestyle.

5. White and Gray. The interest in white and gray comes from the continuing interest in Carrera marble and gray tile, especially subway tile. Designers are finding unique ways to use “old” materials that have been popular for a number of years.

As with any trend, when updating your home, make sure to choose those that you love, and ones that feel more timeless. Go too trendy, and your home will look dated quickly. Designers are going more classic with floor and wall choices while making statements with furnishings and accessories. Floors are the foundation of a home. Pick the best for your style, usage, and maintenance requirements.