Flooring So Sophisticated, It Sold A House

Flooring So Sophisticated, It Sold A House

Nine-year old Atticus Christol glanced down at his socks as he gleefully slid across the brand-new wood floor.  His parents, Shelly and Brooks Christol, just smiled, remembering that what they went through to get this fine flooring wasn’t quite that much fun.  You see, they had replaced the rotting sub-flooring in their kitchen/dining area and had to also replace the vinyl flooring, making it an ideal time to update the look.  The catch was that they were about to put their house up for sale and didn’t want to spend too much on flooring that a new owner might change-out anyway.  Plus, they decided to go ahead and replace the rest of the original downstairs flooring which was Berber carpet.

So, in need of professional advice on a personal level, they of course turned to us at City Tile.  At first, Andrew, City Tile owner, helped out with his extensive knowledge of current flooring trends, saying, “In a national survey, 90 percent of real estate agents said that houses with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices.”  The Christols’ agreed and Andrew offered several cost-efficient options of wood and laminate products from prestigious manufacturers.  Shelly, the one with refined design sense, said, “It has to have curb appeal.”  “Yeah,” said Brooks, “But without the curb,” and, being the part-owner of a marketing firm added, “It’s all about understanding your target market.”  Because both Brooks and Shelly understood that this new flooring would be luxurious, durable, and lush, thus appealing to almost any potential buyer.

Through it all, Andrew listened carefully and Shelly later said to Brooks, “Listening is a lost art these days, how refreshing.”  Brooks replied, “Yeah, and they didn’t try to up-sell us, either.”

Then Jonathon, the lead sales agent, took over, eventually visiting the job site four times to make sure the installation was going perfectly.  Which it was.  Because our City Tile installation team knows that wood flooring enhances the warmth of any home and complements any decor, so they always take every measure to ensure the homeowners are completely happy.

Of course, the Christol’s were, in fact, happy with how the dark wood gave their home a sophisticated, contemporary feel.  Which they were able to enjoy for all of about three days, as the updated home offered what Shelly would call excellent curb appeal and the house quickly sold.  Later, the couple who bought the house explained that the wood flooring was what sold them.

Just before closing on their house sale, Shelly was walking down the staircase when she heard something strange coming from the living room.  An odd swooshing sound that was a bit eerie.  As she carefully looked around the corner into the living room, she just smiled.  It was Brooks, in his socks, sliding across the new floor.

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