Featured Sample: Tresses

Featured Sample: Tresses

We all know that using reclaimed wood on a wall as an accent has been a hot design choice for some time, but DuChateau has taken wood wall coverings one-step further. They have turned them into an award winning form of art.

Design Details

Tresses is a herringbone pattern made of fine polished wood, adding texture and dimension to the most sophisticated backsplash, or depth to any office or study.

The curved pattern can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

It comes in thirteen colors in two choices of wood, white oak or walnut. The colors available are American Walnut (reddish-brown), Lugano (ash washed golden brown), Olde Dutch (medium brown), Brown Ash, Tabak (charred medium brown), Stout (dark brown), Silver, Sand (golden light brown), Golden Oak, Gold, Noir (black), Iceberg (whitewashed), Smoke (dusty light brown).

Joe Langenauer , and architect from Mexico City, created the like of luxury wall coverings inspired by geometric patterns he sees in the world.

Installation Details

Each tile measures just over one foot by two feet (13 5/8” x 26 1/16”). The tiles are installed using construction glue and fine needle nails. An optional fire retardant can be added to insure the safety of your home.

Finish pieces are also available, including baseboards, exterior corners, interior corners, and edge trim. The corner pieces are 84 inches long and provide almost three inches of coverage at the corners. Baseboards are also 84 inches long, and four inches in height. Edge trim is not quite two inches high and three quarters of an inch thick.

Installation will need to take place on a clean, dry, and flat dry surface with no bumps or divots. Professional installation is suggested.

Natural Product

Since this is a natural product, no two pieces will be consistent in pattern, which allows each wall made from it to have a one of a kind character. It is also effected by exposure to heat, light, and moisture, so it is best used in rooms that do not expect moist conditions or direct sunlight. It will experience seasonal changes like gapping.

Design Award Winner

As DuChateau notes in their promotional materials, these exclusive wood wall tiles provide a “new dimension of elegance,” “unlike any other.”

Made to explore shape and light, these wood tiles use their form to create an inter-play of natural wood shapes, darkness, and light. Each wall employs what the room provides in line and form, turning a dull room into a one-of-a-kind inspiration of beauty and sophistication.


City Tile in Murfreesboro, always on the cutting edge of tile and floor coverings, has just added De Chateau to their design options. Besides Tresses, they offer fourteen other patterns: Infuse, Curva Chevron, Curva, Krescent, Ark Chevron, Wave, Kuadra, Metamorphosis, Vertes, Edge, Parallels, and Kublik. Come to their showroom to see the newest display of DuChateau’s products.

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