Featured Sample: Star Strand Carpet

Featured Sample: Star Strand Carpet

Organic Attractions Star Strand Silk Carpet is one style of Mohawk’s entry into the sustainable carpet category. It is a beautiful textured shag that is made of 25% recycled plastic bottles.

The recyclable material is called polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. According to the PLACON website, “… PET is the most widely recycled plastic in the world.”

Recycling and sustainability are the “hot words” for this fall and into the new year. Choosing this type of carpet is a way to help decrease our footprint on the planet, by using all of those millions and millions of water bottles that might otherwise be in a landfill.

But what makes Star Strand Silk really special is a new material called Triexta. It is like nylon, but much more durable and stain resistant. It also has a more matte finish than polyester.

According to
The Spruce website, “The primary reason for Triexta’s high level of stain resistance is that the fiber is hydrophobic, meaning that it does not absorb moisture.”

One of the other really cool things about Triexta is that it is partly made of corn glucose, another sustainable product.

Triexta is also color fast and ultra-soft, making it the perfect cover for floors on Christmas morning, when little feet venture down to the Christmas tree in the morning chill of winter.

Soft and silky Star Strand is Pet Warranted. The company even did this crazy test comparing themselves with another top stain resistant carpet. They put the two carpets in with an almost 5,500- pound white rhino named Max. When they cleaned the two after Max lived on it for two weeks, the Star Strand carpet returned to its natural state, and the competitor remained stained. Pretty crazy test.

Mohawk’s beautiful Organic Attractions carpet come in twelve shades from cream to light brown, including some beautiful greige shades. The colors include Sandcastle, Thistle, Worn Leather, Fallen Timber, Carved Wood, Cobble Path, Dried Sage, Walnut Shell, Silver Lining, Stonework, and Silver Lining.

There is still time to get this wonderful kid-friendly carpeting put into your home before the big night when Santa arrives. And you don’t have to worry about cookie crumbs, reindeer shed, or fireplace ash.  It will clean up in a snap.