Featured Sample: Palmetto Road, Monaco

Featured Sample: Palmetto Road, Monaco

Design is more and more about bringing natural elements inside. A way to bring in an earthy vibe to your home is the floor. Wood flooring is currently the number one hard-surface flooring choice for updates, remodels, and new construction. It is a favorite for both its aesthetic and its ease of care.

The hottest trend right now in wood is to use reclaimed wood, but reclaimed wood flooring products can be expensive, running as much as $25 per square foot. An affordable alternative is the engineered wood surface of Palmetto Road, with one of the most popular styles being Monaco in the Riviera Collection.

“Dark, rich woods are what most people are choosing,” said Robyn Faulk, a designer and sales representative at City Tile in Murfreesboro. “Palmetto Road uses chemicals to speed up and recreate the aging process to make their wood flooring.”

Just like the real thing, the Monaco style, like the rest of the Riviera Collection, has color variations from plank to plank-like, naturally aged hardwood. Planks are custom cut into three widths—4”, 5”, and 6” — and they are distressed using saw mark techniques.

The Monaco Collection is created from French Oak, with the visual look of being taken from a hundred-year-old barn from the French countryside. By creating the look from new timbers, Palmetto Road is able to create the style of vintage, but with durability and strength using modern technology.

Other color options in the Riviera Collection include: Cannes (medium brown), Bardot (mahogany), Menton (light brown), Picasso (ash), Monte Carlo (rich deep brown), Geneva (between Monaco and Monte Carlo), Cabernet (has a pinkish cast), Tulane (dark and medium brown striped), and Promenade (ashy beige).

As their website says, “The finish of fine wood flooring is critically important to both its appearance and maintainability. It should protect the wood floor while preserving the fine details of its character: its grain, patterns and subtle colorations, which you will grow to love over time. A mediocre floor finish will cloud these subtle yet beautiful details.”

To create the best finish possible, Palmetto Road partnered with Valspar to develop their own unique product that protects the wood “without compromising the beauty-or the environment.” It has been created to never yellow or fade from the sun, and to protect the wood beneath without the use of volatile VOCs.

Any wood floor is an investment. It is critical to take good care of it by avoiding pouring liquid cleaner directly on the surface, do not wet mop, don’t wax or use oil-based cleaners, and never use a steam cleaner. Instead sweep frequently and use cleaning product made specifically for wood flooring, like Bona.

Wood floors are perfect for hot summers, as they help keep your home cool, but come fall, it is great to add area rugs. Karastan will make beautiful custom area rugs from any of their natural wool or synthetic patterns to fit your space requirements. Check out our blog, How to Choose a Rug Color, for more information about how to find the right rug to go with your wood floor and room style.

Once your flooring is installed, add live plants, artwork of flowers and plants, or vases full of shells to give your home an added touch of mother nature’s bounty.