Featured Sample: Large Format Tiles

Featured Sample: Large Format Tiles

In this month’s interview with interior designer Lori Sain Smith, she mentioned how large format tiles can really have a big impact on a small space. The example she provided was a large format tile from Lia called Bordeaux Kuni Lattice. It is a large format tile that has become popular as people are choosing to live smaller.

While choosing to live smaller, homebuyers still want their space to look big. Large format tiles are one way to do that. Large format tiles are any tile over 16”x16”, including the wood-look porcelain planks that are so popular right now.

The reason these tiles make rooms look larger is that there are fewer grout lines, meaning walls and floors appear less busy, allowing the eye to see a sense of flow. Flow creates expansiveness. If you use a coordinating grout color, the grout can almost look like part of the pattern and the eye moves across it seamlessly.

Large format tiles can be laid on the diagonal, which is another way to expand the eye’s sense of distance. Laying tile this way gives a horizontal effect, again, visually extending the eye’s comprehension of space.

Small and large tiles can be mixed to create a similar perception. Large format tiles can be used on the floor and smaller tiles on the walls. Smaller tiles that are popular right now include hexagonal tiles, fish scales, and mosaics. These tiles can give a wallpaper effect when chosen in some of the bright colors that are coming into the marketplace, like tiles made with luminescent teal glazes.

Larger-format statement tiles are finding their way into more and more designs. Black and white Moorish inspired tiles are becoming popular, as are engraved marble tiles used in showers and tub surrounds, making a room feel large and luxurious. Artisan made one-of-a-kind tiles also look great.

One caveat, be careful in a very small bathroom or powder room. A tiny bathroom requires a trained eye to get the balance just right, otherwise, the large format tile will overpower the room.

When you are ready to add large format tiles to your next remodel, let City Tile’s design consultants help you find just the right tiles to make your bathroom look large, luxurious, and totally modern.