Featured Sample: Karastan Antelope Area Rug

Featured Sample: Karastan Antelope Area Rug

It’s time to walk on the wild side. Add warmth and a touch of panache to any room with a custom Karastan Antelope area rug. It is part of the Savannah Scenes collection.

Made to look like a wild antelope skin, it has a deep brown ground and distinctive white markings like the namesake animal. Antelope is elegant in both traditional and modern stylings.

On the Karastan website, interior design blogger, Monica Benavidez, describes “… the subtle, ombre inspired colors paired with the speckled antelope pattern give this rug a timeless yet on-trend look. Whether your home décor leans eclectic, contemporary, farmhouse or Boho, antelope is a perfect and fail-proof choice. It adds pattern, subtle color, warmth, texture and drama all in one.”

Antelope is from the Savanna Scenes collection that includes six shades, and two other prints including Zebra and Cheetah. The Antelope colors include ashen, navy, frosted, golden, and taupe.

“We have recently used the design on several houses,” said City Tile designer Robin Faulk. “It looks very good on stairs.”

Part of a group of Kashmere nylon carpets, a Karastan Antelope area rug combines a luxurious feel with fine craftsmanship.  It is a trend-setting style which also has great durability. Karastan offers artistic styling and 90 years of fine weaving experience.

Consistent care and maintenance ensures that your carpet remains beautiful. Karastan’s state of the art fibers resist staining thanks to their EasyClean protection. When spills do happen, make sure to clean them up quickly. Karastan even offers cleaning advice on their website, just click here. Or read our tips about keeping a carpet clean, Clean Floor Hacks.

Antelope provides a neutral base on which to design a comfortable, elegant, and fashionable room where your family can enjoy the holiday season. Stop by the showroom today to get this rug in your home ASAP.