Featured Sample: Fairwater/Tides Collection

Featured Sample: Fairwater/Tides Collection

One of the key components of design today is drama, be it on the fall fashion runway, or in interior design. Combining black and white is an easy way to bring drama to any room. Another way to create a bold statement is to use daring, edgy geometric shapes. Stanton Carpets has combined these two elements to create Fairwater in onyx, part of their Tides Collection.

Fairwater Onyx has a dark black foundation with splashes of white slashed across the dark field creating suggestions of squares and triangles. It is a Jackson Pollack version of a Rorschach Test. An audacious and dynamic statement, especially when blended with fearless primary colors in accent pieces like artwork and throw pillows.

Love the design, but not the boldness of color? Fairwater also comes in ecru, ivory, ocean, metal, and beach. Any of these shades can be made into a custom area rug or runner to bring a modern dynamic to any room.

The Fairwater collection is made of 73% Royaltron Polypropylene and 27% Polysilk that is solution-dyed, which infuses the yarn with rich color pigment. This creates superior colorfastness and color retention according to the Stanton website.

Royaltron is resistant to wear, and the “hydrophobic fibers” make spills easier to mop up as they do not absorb moisture. They are also anti-microbial and anti-static.

Of course, as with any carpet, consistent cleaning and delicate care will extend its life. If something does spill on the carpet, blot, do not wipe. And always work from the outside into the middle of the spill. This will keep the liquid from spreading.

Make sure to use PH neutral cleaners. For deep cleaning, always call in the professionals. Fine carpets should be deep-cleaned once a year.

Never use stain repellent on fine carpets, as it has components within it that increase dirt retention in the carpet.

Three simple ways to keep your carpet looking beautiful for years to come is frequent vacuuming, using doormats that are changed frequently, and keeping your home’s air filter changed on a regular schedule.

Choose a carpet from the Fairwater Collection by Stanton to turn your room for boring to wow! To learn more about finding the right carpet for your space, check out “How to Pick a Rug Color.”