Featured Sample: Cementine Patterned Tile

Featured Sample: Cementine Patterned Tile

Minimalism is catching on.  Designers and homeowners alike are going for more simplistic flooring, and wall colors, while using accessories to provide the pops of color.

 Except, tile.  Technology is creating opportunities to create porcelain tiles that mimic fine marble, natural stone, wood, and now pattered cement tiles.

 A few years ago, patterned cement tiles hit the magazines and blogs.  With a few problems — high cost, durability issues, high maintenance.  The beautiful cement tiles took lots of extra steps to apply, and a lot more care work.  In a world looking for easy care, and high style, this was just not viable for everyone.

Enter Interceramic Crafted for Life.  They have developed a fine ceramic tile that has the look of a patterned cement tile. It is called Cementine.

Cementine is a Dura Body Ceramic.  That means that it performs like a porcelain tile meant to last a lifetime.  For those wanting the look of the latest patterned cement styles, with their intricate old-world patterns, Cementine offers the latest design at a fraction of the cost, with greater durability, and easy care. And these tiles can even be used in the backyard for outdoor kitchens or other living areas that get lots of moisture.

The Dura Body construction means the tiles can withstand freezing nights, and mud covered dogs and children who’ve spent time dancing in puddles in the rain.

Even minimalists are falling in love with these tiles.  The tile’s subtle coloring, and art-like patterns, provide a break to solid monochromatic walls and furnishings.  They add beauty to any walk-in shower or kitchen backsplash.  Add them to the side of a kitchen island to create character.  Or as a fireplace surround.

Cementine provides the creative homeowner with the opportunity to make their house their castle, imprinted with their own personal style.

Come by City Tile in Murfreesboro to check out the latest looks. You will be glad you did.