Environmentally Friendly FloorAid+ Now Available At City Tile

Environmentally Friendly FloorAid+ Now Available At City Tile

City Tile in Murfreesboro, Tennessee now carries non-toxic and environmentally friendly FloorAid+ cleaner. This cleaner is formulated to clean hard surfaces, from genuine stone to real wood flooring. It is designed to leave a residue-free natural gloss finish that enhances your floor’s inherent beauty.

FloorAid+ is gentle, containing no harsh solvents or grit. Your hard surface will suffer no dulling or etching. It is gentle enough to be used every day in high traffic areas.

This biodegradable cleaner is safe for homes with children and/or pets. It can be applied on wood, stone, laminate, and vinyl.

Made by Apex, the same people who make the highly regarded CarpetAid +, you know this is a product that you can depend on for years to come.

And FloorAid + is pre-mixed in a 24-ounce bottle and is easy to use. First mop or vacuum the area to be cleaned. Spray cleaner in one small area at a time, and mop with a sponge or microfiber cloth until you have completed the area to be cleaned. No need to rinse. Just wait for the floor to dry completely before walking on it.

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