Design Style and Personality Type

Design Style and Personality Type

Our personalities have a lot to do with the way we live. There is so much correlation between design and personality in fact, that a number of people have written about the topic. On the website Mrs. Fancee, home renovators Naomi and Jake have created 16 blogs about how to design your home based on the Myers Briggs personality evaluation. Apartment Therapy has also chimed in with an extensive blog. And then there is the book, The Domain Book of Intuitive Home Design: How to Decorate Using Your Personality Type. Design Diva is also going to get into the fray.

What is a Myers Briggs Personality Type?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, for those of you who have never heard of it, was created by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, based on the work of noted Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Jung believed that people experience the world using four dominant psychological constructs – sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. Through an introspective questionnaire, all humans can be “defined” by one of sixteen basic patterns. As with all personality tests, it is only a general starting place. Your type does not define who you are, it just explains why you act in certain ways and how you are perceived by others.

There are four dualistic categories: Introversion/Extraversion, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, Judging/Perception. Those taking the test are assigned options in each category, the combination of the four outcomes defines Type. For example, INFJ means introversion/intuition/feeling/judging.

Design Diva’s Take on the Whole Concept

Most of the blogs and books on the subject give general ideas about how to go about creating your special space while being aware of certain needs you have as a specific personality type. But I am going to step out on a limb here – far, far out – and suggest a few possible design styles you might gravitate to because of your personality type.

This is not to say that because you are a certain type that you have to love a particular design style, like all design testing, this is open to interpretation and ruled by your tastes as an individual. For example, I’d think that someone who is an ISFJ, known as “The Protector,” would be attracted to a warm and inviting style like Shabby Chic, but you may be an ISFJ and abhor the style. Remember, this is just my semi-informed twist on the subject, not a scientific study. I just want y’all to have some fun with it.

Personality Design Diva Style

The Visionary (ENTP): This type is high energy, strategic, and no-nonsense; loving new ideas but hating small talk. An ENTP likes challenges, unique materials, and is inquisitive enough to go looking for what they want to make their space right.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Modern, Minimalist, Urban Modern

The Artisan (ISTP): Unpredictable and creative, this type is always making something new. An ISTP will try anything once and wants to know how everything works. They also have strong mechanical abilities. Tend to be male.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Industrial, Rustic, Urban Modern

The Healer (INFP): Passionate, fair, and perceptive, a Healer is service-oriented and wants to aid society. They value a restful and harmonious environment allowing for personal growth.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Feng Shui, Asian Zen, Minimalist

The Performer (ESFP): Dramatic, playful, and extremely individualistic, an ESFP is energetic, and spontaneous with a need to be around people.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Art Deco, Hollywood Regency, Modern

The Champion (ENFP): A Champion hates to be boxed in and would respond well to a wide-open floor plan. This type follows their own direction, takes risks, and loves excitement.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Industrial, Rustic, Urban Modern

The Doer (ESTP): Planning is not a doer’s strong point. They are persistent problem solvers who are always thinking into the future with curiosity. An ESTP is a skillful negotiator who is willing to take risks.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Modern, Minimalist, Contemporary

The Inspector (ISTJ): An inspector is traditional and does what needs to be done, they are reserved, family-oriented, and duty-bound.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Traditional, French Country, Scandinavian

The Counselor (INFJ): Known for having great compassion and understanding, counselors are diplomatic mentors who inspire others and love intellectual stimulation. However, because they are interested in so many different things, they are perfectly happy living with a sort of organized chaos, so they can have lots of books and art around them. They can be seen as odd.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Bohemian, Eclectic, Coastal

The Mastermind (INTJ): Driven by their own original ideas, these individuals are innovative, independent arrangers who are good at coordinating actions and development of new ideas.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Contemporary, Transitional, Urban Modern

The Giver (ENFJ): While the Artisan tends to be more male-centric, Givers tend to be more female. They are people-focused, great communicators, who are caring and responsible. Because of their excellent communication skills, they can be persuasive, and process abstract ideas.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Shabby Chic, Mid-Century Modern, Modern Country

The Provider (ESFJ): Described by several sources as the “hosts and hostesses to the world,” they are practical, outgoing, logical, and giving to others. They love to be active and help those in need.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Farmhouse, Transitional, French Country

The Supervisor (ESTJ): Dignified and very traditional, an ESTJ is systematic, orderly, and dependable. They like to run the show, make things happen, and get it done.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Transitional, Traditional, Danish Modern

The Commander (ENTJ): Of all of the types, these are the “born leaders.” While Supervisors like to run the show today, Commanders take charge of visioning tomorrow. They are ambitious, strategic, organized long-range tinkers who are always a step ahead, looking at what could be happening “last week” better than today.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Modern, Contemporary, Transitional

The Protector (ISFJ): Gentle and considerate caretakers who are nurturing and devoted, Protectors have a strong sense of duty and are very philanthropic.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Farmhouse, French Country, Shabby Chic

The Composer (ISFP): Composers are very closed people who see much, but share little. They seek to create great beauty, but they like their environments to be practical and realistic. Flexibility gives them a sense of balance between the abstract and concrete.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Modern Country, Bohemian, Scandinavian

The Architect (INTP): Highly intellectual original thinkers, this Type loves to solve problems and tackle complex ideas. They are well-read and love books.
DIVA Style Suggestions: Bohemian, Urban Modern, Mid-Century Modern

Where to Now?

Click on “an introspective questionnaire” above and take the Myers Briggs test, then have fun with what you learn as you redesign or redecorate your home.