Bringing the Beach to Your Home

Bringing the Beach to Your Home

Nothing says summer quite like a trip to the beach. The crashing waves, soothing color palette, and ocean breeze offer a source of instant relaxation to just about anyone. However, not all of us are able to head to the coast this year. If your vacation plans were interrupted this summer, you can bring the beach to your home with a few design upgrades. Whether you live close to the beach or just want to pretend you do, we’re here to help you get started transforming your home into a breezy paradise. 

Mixing Rustic & Polished 

A great way to start incorporating coastal elements into your space is to add a new rug. Jute rugs, which resemble rope, are the perfect way to add that nautical feel. Their warm undertones pair beautifully with bright whites and cool blues. We recommend the Fibreworks Bombay and Kochi collections for quality, texture, and color. Want something even more unique? Give us a call! We can make a custom rug with any of the materials in our showroom.

Rustic textures can also be introduced with furniture. Pieces made with woven seagrass are sturdy, natural, and effortless. Sectionals, chairs, ottomans, baskets, and pendant lights are a few easy ways to incorporate this beautiful material.

Polished pieces such as metallic accents and abstract artwork provide a gorgeous contrast to rustic elements like jute and woven seagrass. Use gold or silver decor pieces and hardware to bring an elevated look back to your space. Modern or abstract artwork in a consistent color scheme can also help balance nature-inspired textures. If you’re worried about mixing styles, The Spruce offers easy tips on the best ways to do it.

Color Schemes

Don’t be afraid to use non-traditional colors when redecorating your space. Beach-inspired design can be achieved without using the typical turquoise and white. Many designers use complementary colors such as emerald, tan, and navy for a nautical yet luxurious result. Others prefer bold pops of peach, yellow, or lime for a whimsical touch. If you’ve already got a palette in mind there are plenty of ways to mix and match colors to make it beachy.

If you want to add color in a unique way, try tile! We carry a variety of solid and patterned tile that can be used for eye-catching mosaics or monochrome designs. For more inspiration, check out our blog posts “Go Blue: Blue Tiles are Cool this Summer” and “Hot Tile Patterns Update Any Home”.

Still not sure which style is for you? Stop by our showroom! Our expert designers can help you out with recommendations, samples, and more.   

Image Via Ragno USA 

Whether you choose to completely redecorate or simply upgrade a few pieces, the coastal style is a wonderful design choice. These timeless hues and natural elements will transform your home so you can vacation every day – no travel necessary!


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