Bathrooms are Becoming Timeless and Integral to a Home’s Style

Bathrooms are Becoming Timeless and Integral to a Home’s Style

Once upon a time bathrooms were more function than form. They were a necessary addition to the home, but not much more. Now, with all of the changes in the design industry thanks to modern technology, bathrooms are becoming an integral part of a home’s design. And a much-needed spa-like getaway in our uber-busy world.

In the process of deciding how to create your perfect retreat from the world, think of how the design will integrate with the rest of your home. Make it a place where you can relax in an elegant free-standing tub, or let your worries wash down the drain in a large walk-in shower with a rainfall head.

Every year new hot trends come into the market and dependable favorites are suddenly on the ‘out’ list. While some may opt to change their bathrooms with the trends, not everyone can afford to do that. Like a kitchen, a bathroom is a major investment. Think of its design in terms of how you will use it, and what will make it feel like a respite from the world for you.

Here are a few trends that are becoming timeless, and can be adapted to many different styles – like industrial, contemporary, modern, minimalist, mid-century modern, bohemian, and rustic.

Take a tip from the Japanese esthetic that minimalists love – cut down on clutter. No matter your style, keep the bathroom design sleek. Plan how you will use the space, and have a place for everything and keep it in its place- out of sight. Just make sure that it is easily reached by using organizers.

By employing marble, natural stone, and wood. Some design blogs are saying that faux wood-look tile is going out, while others say it is timeless. What all do agree on is that wood, be it real or faux, in the bathroom brings a sense of the great outdoors. Natural shapes, materials, and colors are calming and nurturing.

Color is very important. Make sure the colors are soothing in the bathroom. A few years ago, red was being shown in bathrooms. Current writers as realizing that was a bad idea. Red is out. If you want to go into the red family, go for Millennial Pink, Pumpkin, or Coral. However, the best colors for a bathroom are white, beige, green, and blue in light, dusty matte earthy shades.

Stay away from too many busy patterns and stick to classic and classy. This doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some of the really cool new tile and flooring options – like waves, geometrics, and mosaics. What this means is to choose new patterns with a timeless appeal – like the current wave of patterned tiles copied from times gone by, like ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle East.

Use contrast and texture to give depth to your design. But beware, too much of a good thing is jarring. Remember that all the best things are enjoyed in moderation. Smooth wood counters, natural stone walls in your shower, a glint of metal fixture, and fluffy white Egyptian Cotton towels are a gentle blending of rough and smooth that is both relaxing and interesting.

Whether you believe in the blogger who says terrazzo is hot, or the one who says that brushed Nickle fixtures are dead, follow these basic tips and you will find just the right balance of design, function, and utility to create the bathroom that is perfect for the way you live today.

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