5 Ways to Use Texture to Add Polish to Your Home

5 Ways to Use Texture to Add Polish to Your Home

Here are five tricks that designers use to give texture and depth to a room to create an updated modern style.

1. Carpets
With wood flooring all the rage, area rugs are becoming more and more popular. Oriental rugs are no longer the carpets of choice, more often, designers and homeowners are looking for more contemporary designs, which means ones with texture. Often texture is used to create a pattern on wool and synthetic rugs. Another option is to purchase an oversized jute or other natural fiber rug, and toss a smaller, antique Turkish rug over it to add depth.

2. Pillows
A fun way to add interest to any room in your home is by using an assortment of pillows in multiple textures and patterns. Velvets, linens, and all kinds of open weave knits can be used in combinations to add polish. A soft leather couch can get a finishing touch with slightly oversized fur pillows.

3. Walls
New manufacturing techniques are making it easier to create tiles with fabric textures, like linen. Other wall tile textures – which are great for bathrooms and kitchens — are woods, waves, stacked stone, and metals. Matte tiles are also gaining interest by interior designers.

4. Curtains and Blinds
Curtains, with or without shades, are an essential element to give your room a little more style. Linen and cotton are becoming the fabric of choice for curtains, but it is also important to block out the light to get a good sleep. Combine them with a set of bamboo blinds. Other options are plantation shutters or roman shades.

5. Decor
From ceramic bowls to fabric wall hangings to sparkling hand blown glass balls in a woven basket. These are just a few ways décor can be used to create texture. The idea is to blend matte and shiny surfaces, as well as rough and smooth ones, natural and man-made. Décor is also the best way to bring out your personality. Use collections of your favorite things — like maybe vintage door knobs, or locally-made pottery.

Using texture gives a room depth and character. Today designers are mixing it up with Plexiglas chairs and hand-carved tables. Old books are being mixed with Star Wars collectibles. How you pull it all together is entirely up to you!